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What to Look for When Choosing a Heating and Cooling Company


It’s a chilly winter’s evening. Time to flip your thermostat to heat and enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate. Your unit makes noises like it wants to start up but you never get the sweet relief of hot hair.

These things never pick an opportune time to shut down. Guess you’ve got to call a heating and cooling company and schedule repairs. When you Google companies, you realize that there are a ton of them in your area.

How are you supposed to choose the right one to tackle the job? We might be able to help you out with that. Keep reading to narrow the list down and find the best heating and cooling contractor to fix your faulty unit.

Do a Bit of Research

All HVAC companies are required to have some kind of license. If you do your homework and know what these licenses are, that will help you narrow down your search.

Another thing you should look for is reviews. Most of the time on the company’s website, there will be a page that’s full of testimonies. These are written reviews from actual people who have had work done in the past.

We will tell you that almost no one is going to put bad reviews on their site. So, once you’re done flipping through the testimonials there, Google the company. This will give you access to reviews that are a little less biased.

Ask if They Have a License

Going back to licenses, again all heating and cooling services have to have them. Technicians are going to be handling dangerous chemicals and working on the most delicate and expensive part of your home. Having a license tells you that they’ve received the training necessary to do all of this as safely as possible.

Most contractors will advertise their licensing on their site. If you feel like you can’t take them at their word though, there are several organizations that you can talk to like North American Technician Excellence. They’ll let you know for sure if a company is trustworthy.

Do They Have the Right Level of Experience?

We will tell you that you shouldn’t automatically rule out a company because they’re new. They could have great contractors and give you the best customer service that you’ve ever received. It is understandable not to trust these companies to tackle your complex heating and air problem.

For one, you want a company that’s been in the same area for a while. If they’re well established, that means they’ll always be around to service the equipment that you’ve had installed. For another, your heating and cooling equipment is expensive and delicate.

You want to make sure that the company you call can fix it as well as handle any installation and complex issues. The longer a company has been around, the more likely that they’ve run into a problem like yours before.

Get Several Estimates

If you’re having a unit installed, heating and cooling companies should be willing to come out and give your home a once over. This will allow them to choose the best solution for you. They’ll then give you a price estimate and a contract to sign.

Read over every bit of the fine print before you sign anything. If something seems fishy, tell them you’ll think about their offer and send them on their way. You can always call out another heating and cooling company to check things out.

In fact, you should do that. You want to get several price estimates before siding on a service. This way you get the best deal. The same goes for repairs and any other work you need to get done on your unit.

Ask for Recommendations

Chances are, someone in your family or within your friend group has needed heating and cooling services before. Ask them who they got to do the job and find out what their experience was like. You’re going to want to cross-research any referrals they give to you, but their advice should help you narrow things down.

If by some chance you don’t know anyone who’s had to hire HVAC maintenance, you can talk to people in your community or drop questions in forums online.

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

You do want to get the best deal that you can get on your HVAC servicing but that doesn’t mean that you should go for the cheapest service in your area.

You get what you pay for, which could be not much depending on who you hire. You want to look at the services a company offers and learn how they tackle jobs before considering the price.

Energy Efficiency

If you want to shave a little money off your power bill each much, ask the HVAC companies you call about their selection of energy-efficient equipment. With the right amount of maintenance, these units will work like a charm all year long.

They can also help you reduce your carbon footprint and watch how much power you use up. If the first company you get on the phone with doesn’t offer energy-efficient equipment, it might be best to hang up and find someone who does.

Hire a Heating and Cooling Company That Can Handle the Job

No matter if you need to have a new HVAC system installed or get repairs on the old one, hiring the right heating and cooling company for the job can be tricky. A simple Google search isn’t going to help you find what you’re looking for.

You’ve got to do in-depth research and ask around to get a few referrals. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to get on the phone and start the question and answer process. Use the HVAC tips that you’ve read here to make your search feel less like a chore.

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