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7 Design Ideas for Woodworking Hobbyists


Woodworking is the process of cutting, carving, smoothening, joining, and fitting pieces of wood together to create a functional or artistic work.

It is a time-honoured skill that requires expertise, precision, and patience. The ability to transform a few pieces of wood into a useful product, regardless of its complexity, is the fundamental requirement for being a woodworker.

So, whether you are an amateur who has just decided to take up woodworking or an expert with years of experience and finished products under your belt, there are various design ideas you can try.

Below are seven projects with varying complexities that you can try.

Engraved Signs

You can engrave messages and diagrams on wood with materials such as granite, brass, or copper serving as decorative additions.

The time and effort required depends upon the kind of material and tool you decide to use. With efficient tools such as CNC Router Bits, you can create designs ranging from simple to intricate on a surface using a precise and seamless process.

A wooden sign with engraved or raised letters, a depiction of a scene or landscape etched into a brass plate, or a simple descriptive diagram on a steel plate are some projects that you can tackle.


A pergola is a wooden garden feature that can be used as a sitting or entertaining area. This structure can serve as a beautiful addition to a backyard, garden, or lawn.

Pergolas can be as simple as four posts with a striped open roof that can be covered with flowers.

You can also decide to take it a step further by installing a full roof, lattice walls, sitting ledges and custom planters.

All you need for this are pieces of weather-resistant wood, a saw, and a few power tools.


A swing constructed entirely from wood or with metal additions is a fun and whimsical structure enjoyed by both young and old.

It can be installed beneath an abhor or pergola surrounded with flowers to create an intimate nook or on the porch for a decorative element.

The seat, backrests, and armchairs of the swing should be constructed with strong and durable wood such as oak. Metal supports can then be installed to hold the structure in place.

Coffee Tables

A beautifully crafted coffee table can be a worthwhile addition to the decor of a room while serving its intended function.

You can choose to make a simple square or rectangle table with four wooden legs in a straight pattern.

Try switching up with a surface that is rounded or geometric patterned. The legs can be fashioned in a crossed or curved design for a more contemporary look.


A shelf is an essential piece that is used in the household and commercial spaces. The size and design are usually dependent on the purpose.

Bookshelves are generally larger and more detailed than a simple utensil rack. A saw, power drill, or hammer drill are all you need.

Square or rhomboid-shaped columns can be added for a more upgraded book or wine shelf.


Planters are boxes or pots that are used to hold and grow plants. There is no limit to the shape, size, and design that a planter can have so you can decide to make it as simple or complicated as you want.

Classic boxes in various sizes are easy to make. Geometric-shaped, wall-mounted, and hanging planters are some projects that can present a challenge.


From recliners to benches to lounge chairs, there is no shortage of ways and designs of constructing these pieces.

A simple bench can be an ideal project for a beginner. At the same time, a rocking chair and a recliner with moving backrests can be tackled by an intermediate level or expert woodworker.

Depending on the design you choose to go with, the required pieces of equipment can range from a piece of wood, nails and a hammer to circular saws, power drills, mitre saws and other power tools.