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Key Steps to Keep Burglars Out of Your Home


Being a victim of a burglary isn’t something most of us would want to think about, but, the only way to make sure that burglars stay out of your home, is by thinking about every way they could get in! Spend time securing your home in a way that you don’t have to worry about any intruders coming in! This doesn’t just mean locking your door at night, there’s a lot more that goes into keeping burglars out of your home than a simple lock, and in this post, we will be going over the top 5 things you can do to protect your home!

5 Key Steps to Keep Burglars Out of Your Home

Below are the essential steps you need to take to keep burglars out of your home:

  1. Fortify the doors: Just because you remember to lock your doors at night doesn’t mean that your home is safe from burglars. Regular locks make you an easy target. Just about anyone can take something as simple as a screwdriver and snap your lock in half in seconds! Make sure that the locks on your front and back doors are anti-snap locks. To ensure that the anti-snap locks function perfectly, it’s best to get them fitted by a professional. A recommended Alabaster locksmith or a trusted locksmith from your area should be able to fit these easily! Once they’re in place, you don’t have to worry about just anyone snapping the lock and getting in!
  2. Make sure your windows are secure: As nice as it is to have wide and open glass windows in your home, these also tend to make your home more vulnerable to an attack. A regular glass window is often brittle and they’re set into a flimsy frame. This makes it easy for an intruder to shatter the glass or push the lock and get in! A good way to have windows and be safe is by getting shatterproof laminated glass installed in your windows. As a plus, get key-operated window locks so no one can open your windows unless they have a key!
  3. Install a security system: Nowadays there are hundreds of different types of security systems. It’s a wise idea to have at least a doorbell camera installed. If you really want the house safe from an attack, install perimeter cameras that are motion activated. This will ensure that anytime anyone passes by your home, your cameras will get triggered and you’ll have them recorded! It’s also a great idea to have the camera feed running on a screen in a visible part of the home at all times so you can keep an eye on it easily as well! This makes sure that no one can get into your home without you knowing!
  4. Don’t put spare keys in obvious locations: Most people tend to hide their spare keys very close to their main door. The usual places are under the welcome mat, over the door, or in a plant next to the door. It will take an intruder a mere couple of seconds to look through each of those places and if your key is there, they’ll have easy access to your home! Instead, carry your spare keys or put them in a unique location far away from the door! Making sure that only the people that are supposed to know where the keys are!
  5. Store toolboxes inside the house: A lot of burglars will use your tools against you! People commonly store their tools in the garage or their tool shed outside their home. Some even leave the entire toolbox outside where an intruder can easily reach it! A regular toolbox has all the tools they need to break into your home! Keeping the toolbox inside makes sure that they can’t just enter your home easily.
  6. There are several ways a burglar can make it inside your home if they really want to, but by following these 5 key steps, you can make sure that your home is burglar-proof!