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Hey, My name is Connor Waldo. I'm a freelance writer. I write about Home design, improvements, craft, and more.

Artificial Plants and Interior Design

Artificial plants and interior design are a perfect match. Artificial plants can be used in any room in the house and they look great....

Things to know about landscaping

A well-designed landscape can add value to your home and increase its curb appeal. But before you embark on a major landscaping project, it's...

How To Find The Best Ac Repair Service In San Antonio

Do you ever get frustrated when you can’t seem to find a contractor who can fix your plumbing issues? Or maybe you’ve got a...

Introducing Home Design Institute’s Newest Online Courses

What are the new courses offered by home design institute and what can they do for you? Home design institute is constantly expanding its course...

How Smoke Alarms Save Lives

The Stone Age discovery of fire revolutionized the world and changed the way people lived. Fire is used in many different ways today, each with...

Advantages Of New Home Developments

New home developments offer several advantages, from the location to the price, ample space, and many other benefits, such as owning real estate in...

Things To Consider Before Planning Your New Kitchen

We all have different needs when it comes to our kitchen. We need to consider the following things before we start planning our new...

7 Signs You May Need A Professional Cleaning Company

No one ever enjoys cleaning their home. In fact, many people find it to be a dreaded task that they would rather avoid altogether....

A Simple Guide To Different Types Of Home Restoration Services

When hearing about the word restoration, the first thought that comes to mind is the restoration of old items, artworks, or house repairs. In...

DIY tools to have at home

It is known as bricolage to that activity in which new elements are created from others considered as waste or to fix objects without...

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