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What colours go with oak furniture?

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This is a question that many people ask. The fact of the matter is that oak furniture has been around for ages and it has stood the test of time. The use of oak furniture varies, but mostly it is used in the home and the office.

Tastes and preferences are different from one person to another. That’s why there is no “best” colour that suits all oak furniture pieces in the market. However, there are still some basic guidelines on choosing the colours that go well with oak furniture pieces.

Choosing paint colours for a living room, bedroom or dining room is pretty easy. But when you’re faced with what to paint the woodwork in your oak-furniture-filled home, it’s not quite so simple!

How do you make sure your gorgeous wooden furniture doesn’t clash with your decor? What colours go with oak furniture?

As always, the best way to start is by going through your entire home and deciding on a colour scheme. Then narrow down your focus to just the areas where you have oak furniture.

Pick a neutral tone to complement the wood. Off-white or grey work well, especially if you have darker floors and lighter walls. You can also choose a colour similar to the wood grain for a subtle accent.

Pick lighter shades of any of your other main colours (i.e., avoid dark green walls if you already have darker woodwork). If you’re working within an existing colour scheme, consider adding a few pops of colour to lighten things up around your woodwork, like an orange chair in an otherwise beige room.

Consider the style of your home. This is not just about personal taste but also about what style of furniture you have in your home. If you have traditional furniture, then go for earthy colours like browns, taupes, gold and cream. If you prefer modern-looking pieces, then use bright or neutral colours like black and white, blue or red.

Choosing neutral colours like black, white or gray will make your room look bigger because they break up the space. Choose dark colors if you want to make your room appear smaller but warmer. You can check nearest furniture dealer for more details.

Oak, as we all know is a timber that is quite strong, hard and durable. It is one of the most popular kinds of wood used in making furniture. And it has been used since ages to make high-end pieces of furniture, including cabinets. Oak has an inherent nature of protecting itself from insects and decay by secreting tannin oils which makes the wood appear darker over time. But this does not mean that oak furniture would lose its appeal over time. On the contrary, as the wooden piece ages, it can become more valuable due to the character that it exhibits with age.