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Prepare your summer house for your vacation

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Your summer house, whether it is located on the mountains or near the city, it is your favorite destination. It is where you go to relax, to meet with friends and family, spend quality time with them and organize trips and excursions, very important things that help you get away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday routine in the big city.

Every time, though, summer holidays are closer and it is time to return to your summer house, the first thing that comes into your mind is how to spend the first days cleaning your summer house, mostly uninhabited during the winter. But there is a way to finish cleaning and organizing everything very quickly. All you need is a good schedule and you will gain time to spend and enjoy your vacation.

Get there early

This might not be always feasible (due to trains, boats or planes schedules or due to long-distances). But, if possible, it is always advisable to reach your summer house and your destination early in the morning. This way you will have plenty of time to prepare your summer house as long as it is sunny outside but also you will not feel stressed to finish everything on time.

Do not rush to unpack the car

The fewer things that are in the house while you are cleaning, the better. So, your luggage can wait at the car for a few hours. Unpack only the necessary and anything that needs to be placed in the fridge. 

Provide good ventilation

A house that is closed and uninhabitable during the winter, even if it is well insulated, needs good ventilation and a new breath of air. The first thing you need to do is properly ventilated. Open all windows and doors for a significant amount of time. Open also all drawers and cupboards so as to provide good ventilation. The air current that will pass through the entire house will refresh the entire atmosphere and will get rid of any unpleasant odors and smells.

Prioritize the main outside spaces

It is certain that by reaching your summer house, the first thing you want to do is prepare at least one room so as to settle in. It is important, though, to start cleaning from the outside in. If you clean your house first, all the filth from the outside will be transferred back in as you move in and out.

If, though, the outside spaces have a larger surface and require a lot of time to be cleaned, clean at the beginning those surfaces that you will step on mostly. In this, you can be largely helped with a high-pressure washing mechanism.

Dusting your house

Dust, as you might have noticed already, goes everywhere, even inside houses that are closed. Covering your furniture with cloths or plastic before leaving your summer house in the autumn is a very smart move that will save you a lot of time and energy upon your return next summer and while you start dusting. It will also increase the lifetime of your furniture and your appliances.

The advantages of a summer house

Large versatility

Why bother with planning different floor plans, construction, extra functions if there is a huge versatility of wooden small summer houses to choose from readily available on the internet? The versatility has become so great that it is nearly guaranteed for you to find a model that fits not only your targeted purpose, but also satisfies your demands to its aesthetic appeal.

Another thing about timber is that any do-it-yourself extensions be it outside or inside will always be easy as wood is an ideal material to work with, and nearly everybody knows, how to do it.

Moreover, wooden summer houses can easily be painted in all available colours in the context of regular maintenance which can add even more features to their versatility.

Wood is an eco-friendly building material

Wooden summer houses are made from a renewable, sustainable building material that is grown and regrown locally close to the manufacturing facilities. 

Not only is their energy – and carbon footprint very small, they also offer a natural, healthy, comfortable, and cosy living atmosphere. However, timber is not only eco-friendly, but it also is an excellent natural insulator which will be a good choice for all buildings you plan to use all year round because insulating a wooden structure to a very high insulating value is much easier than doing this with a heat-conducting material like stones, bricks, or concrete.

Summer houses will fit perfectly into any natural environments, like gardens, because they are nature themselves.

They Are Energy Efficient

One of the great things about having a wooden summer house is that they are extremely energy efficient. Nowadays, many people like to have electricity running in their summer house and most now have special energy-efficient features. 

This then means that you can hopefully save a lot on your electricity bills.Installing solar panels in your summer home is a great investment, and partnering with Reliant Energy plans will be beneficial because they will help you maximize the benefits of your solar panels and pay significantly less on your power bill over time. If you didn’t already know, wood is actually a natural insulator and so it will be able to effectively regulate the temperature of your summer house. Wood is also great as a thermal insulator and is able to make your house warm, peaceful and cozy, plus it is a fantastic noise absorber which is always a plus!


A big advantage of having a wooden summer house is how economical they are compared to other structures such as concrete, brick and stone materials. 

They are far more economical and significantly cheaper as they can be constructed quickly, saving you on labor costs.


Purchasing a wooden summer house is a fun process as there are so many amazing, versatile shapes for you to choose from. You may have certain restrictions based on the size of the summer house that you want, but you are sure to find the perfect summer house for you at a website such as Lugarde as they have a plethora of gorgeous wooden summer houses for you to pick and choose from and in a number of different styles.