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Things to Know When Moving A Furniture Through the Stairs

Moving A Furniture Through the Stairs

Most houses are designed with a second or third floor, while most buildings no matter how tall will usually have elevators, which means that moving a piece of furniture at home would be tougher since you have no other option but to use the stairs. In my opinion, this is somewhat risky because one wrong step and you may fall with that bulky stuff which only shows that you must take extra care, especially when you are not a professional mover. But some things can be very helpful to you when you would like to transfer furniture as well as fixtures up or down.

When you have rearrangement or makeover plans at home, you may choose the #1 rated option moving or lifting tools or equipment from reputable shops in the city or you may even purchase online. Though just make sure that you will order the right item because these tools come in various sizes, lengths, and purposes, so you better ask for recommendations to avoid wasting money and time as well. I supposed you will end up carrying these kinds of stuff with your bare hands due to wrong orders so make sure that the quality is high by checking the materials used.

I believe that homeowners have their ways on how they are going to move their stuff but it would be great to learn more so that they will have options that can make this task easier. In this way, you won’t have to suffer from all sorts of pains because carrying or lifting huge objects going upstairs or downstairs is quite a tough task. When your physical body is not prepared for this, you may not even have the energy to wake up the following day so you better choose the easiest way to relocate your furniture.

Hand Truck

Most delivery services are using a hand truck when they need to lodge your belongings upstairs, which means that the experts will need to pass through someone’s stairs. This is quite challenging for these people because they do not know if the object can pass freely or if the space is wide enough since they are just strangers coming to bring your stuff. However, they are professionals so they know what to do, though homeowners can also learn how to use hand trucks and that is if it is available.

What’s good with hand trucks is that it is designed with wheels, handles, ladder support, and a flat base, so if you are going to look at it sideways, then it will look like a letter L – visit https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hand_truck for more information. The flat base is usually for the object so it has to be durable for carrying heavy loads and to avoid falling or to keep it secured, your belonging must be strapped to the upright support.

Make sure that the weight of the stuff is well-balanced and you can do this by tilting the hand truck going in your direction. When you are ready to go upstairs, you should walk backward and pull this equipment, while stepping on the stairs one at a time. Do the opposite when going down so this time, you have to walk forward.


Perhaps your one option is to disassemble your stuff but this only applies to appliances and furniture that are designed with removable or detachable parts. For example, you may remove the drawers of the closet to reduce weight. When it is lighter, then it would be easier to pull up.

It is also possible to unscrew items that are meant to be assembled using screws. Do not force to detach glued stuff because this way may damage and break the whole structure of a certain object.

Moving Straps

An ideal way to relocate or carry loads upstairs is by using shoulder moving straps and that is when you do not have a hand truck, though you will need to use this with a team of two. Let’s say that with this equipment, you will feel like putting on harnesses similar to skydiving, bungee jumping, or parachuting activities but you will put this on to lessen the burden of lifting heavy items and to protect you from back strains. Learn and find out more about why others prefer to use this, while others don’t.

With this tool, you have to work with your team so both of you will have to put this stuff on and connects the straps on the load as well. Keep in mind that the person who is stronger and tougher must be on the lower part so he is the one to make a forward step, while the weaker would be on the other side and steps backward as you go upstairs. Always remember your lesson on the law of gravity where the weight is shifted downwards that’s why the one who stays on the higher step should be able to steady the bulky load.


When there are no options left like you don’t have a hand truck or no available straps at the moment, you may start moving bulky but not so heavy items using a blanket and later on continue with the heavier loads. In this way, you won’t be wasting time, especially when you have just moved in and there are a lot of appliances and furniture to move. Remember that you will not only carry stuff but you also need time to decorate and arrange them so maximize your time.

This technique may sound funny and has a limited weight but sliding an object with a flat base is possible when you need to bring it upstairs. Though it is fun to pull up or slide down things and the blanket is used as a protection to avoid scratching the flooring of your stairs.

Depending on the size of the object, you may need a partner here. Remember to place this in the center of a thick blanket with the flat base down and make sure the blanket is long enough. Use the extra fabric from both ends and roll it on your hands to have a grip and that would be used to make the pulling and sliding easier.