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Four ways to determine if a contractor is trustworthy or not for your planned house renovation


It is proven to be a daunting task when it comes to searching the most reliable and efficient contractor that you can hire for your planned house renovation.

For most homeowners, the hardest part of any home renovation is not the entire construction and work, but the ordeal that they have to deal with when they hired an incompetent contractor which is why finding the trusted and reliable construction company or a contractor that is completely capable of the job and there is already a stigma to yourself after hearing some unfortunate stories of homeowners who had horrendous dealings with their chosen contractors.

When it comes to choosing the most reliable and the right contractor can make a huge difference, that is why you should take some important considerations in finding the right contractor that is within your budget and control, so here are some that may help you found one to get the job done the right way as it should be regardless if it is for a paint and renew homes, schools, offices, or restaurants.

  1.     Tell the contractor what you want to happen for the renovation- If you tell the contractor straight about your renovation plans detail by detail, you can already determine if they are capable of it by how they react and provide you a blueprint to make it all happen. They will also provide you the estimates of the total cost, but it does not mean. You should first get a more accurate estimate to have good jumpstart of the housing project.
  2.     Ask who is the most-recommended one available- Outsourcing is a good idea of who is the best to be referred to your home project, might as well ask them now, and create a list of all their suggested contractor. Also, do some research, use the internet and browse for construction companies that have a vast experience in building houses. Also, try asking your local hardware store employees of their preferred contractor.
  3.     Narrow down your list of prospects- Once you listed down all the prospect contractors, you should try contacting each one of them, ask for their service quotes, backgrounds, previous projects, their previous successful biddings, and other necessary questions to ensure that you sort out the reliable prospects from the non-reliable ones. If you notice that if the contractor will decline your interview and schedule it to another date because they are too busy, it means that the particular contractor might have an ongoing project, and it would be perfect to check it out and ask the owner about the progress.
  4.     Interview their subcontractors or partners- Usually, the main contractor also partners or hires other subcontractors who specialize in different construction and renovation such as plumbing, experiences & professional painters, electrical wiring, appliance installation and furniture builders that they contact whenever there is a project. They are the ones who are familiar about the main contractor’s reputation, how he or she deals business with them, and how the contractor shares them the service fees and the budget of the project like commissions and determine if the contractor is fair in sharing the pie to them.