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What You Need to Know about Choosing the Right Ride-on Floor Scraper

Ride-on Floor Scraper

Are you in the market for a ride-on floor scraper? If so, then one of the most important decisions that you need to make is whether to choose a propane-powered floor scraper or a battery-powered one.  This begs the question — does it matter which one you want?

Propane versus Batter – Why it matters

Now having more choices means better opportunities to select a product that complements your needs better. This means that your options are not limited to either battery or propane-powered units.

So which type of ride-on floor scraper is better than the other? Well, that depends on how you intend to use it. There’s not one definite answer for every situation, and everything boils down to using a specific type of floor scraper for work that it’s designed for. There are various tools for every task, and floor scrapers are no exception.

Why choose a battery-powered floor scraper?

If you’re operating in an area with tenants or neighbours that can be easily disrupted, then you are better off using a battery-powered ride-on floor scraper. Because these units use an electric motor, they tend to be relatively quiet and can make it possible to operate near office works and other noise-sensitive environments.

The fact that battery-powered floor scrapers emit no exhaust gases implies that it can be operated indoors and in enclosed areas. Just make sure to use a dust vacuum extractor to avoid inhaling solid dust particles which can be harmful to your health.

Being able to plug the device into the wall to charge the battery likewise implies that consumables like gas or fuel are not necessary. This brings the operating cost of the equipment down substantially for frequent users/

What about propane-powered ride-on floor scrapers?

Floor scrapers with gas-operated engines generally have higher horsepower than its’ battery-powered counterparts. This makes them suitable for professional use, wherein productivity is often the main priority. Propane-powered floor scrapers can cover much ground and have enough power for heavy use.

Another advantage to propane-powered floor scrapers is that you do not have to worry about external power sources. If you are operating in an area where there are no power outlets for charging the battery, then a gas-powered unit makes more sense.

Also, there is minimal downtime when changing tanks for propane-powered floor scrapers. If you’re going to be using the unit all-day, then you can save time by switching propane tanks as opposed to charging or switching to another battery pack which does not last quite as long.

So which type of ride-on floor scraper is right for you?

As mentioned earlier, it truly comes down to what you are going to be using the floor scraper for and the usage requirements. Are you even allowed to use a propane-powered floor scraper despite its’ noise and gas exhaust? If the work is relatively minimal, then something like the Storm battery powered floor scraper might be more suitable for the job.

If productivity and power are what you seek, then propane-powered floor scrapers might be for you. With the added benefit of minimal downtime and being used in areas without electrical power, this is an appealing choice for the best professional.