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The Best Wall Switch Plates for Your Business


When decorating your place of business, it’s about far more than personal taste. You want to stay consistent with your brand image while creating an excellent first impression on any customers or clients who might walk through your doors. This takes careful consideration, and no detail can be spared—including your wall switch plates. So when you’re decorating your office, here are some switch plate covers to consider installing.

Matte Black

There’s a reason that “the little black dress” never goes out of style. Black is a classic, stylish color that always adds some sophistication to any ensemble—or to any office. Black switch plates in a matte finish are both stylish and professional, making them perfect for a corporate setting. And because they’re a neutral color, they go with just about any color scheme as well.

Aged Bronze

Aged bronze is a beautiful finish that simply exudes warmth and class. While this finish won’t work for every office, it is a great pick for businesses that want to create a brand with a strong, stable, professional vibe. If you’re decorating your office in dark woods and leather, bronze is the perfect complement to these materials.


Many businesses want to create a vibe that’s forward-thinking and cutting-edge. If this is the feel you’re going for in your office décor, then chrome is a great material for your switch plates. A chrome finish has a feel of futurism to it with its bright, metallic sheen. It’s also a great accent material if you’re decorating in a minimalistic, modern style. Be sure to opt for straight, clean lines on your switch plate, and avoid embellishments if you want to stick with that decorating style.

USB Chargers

This isn’t a style of switch plate as much as it is an upgrade that’s available on many different styles. Customers appreciate the little conveniences that businesses provide, and having a charging port in your waiting area is one little convenience that you can easily provide to the clients that have come to your office. Certain switch plates and outlet covers have USB charging ports built into them, so your customers can easily charge their devices while they wait. Better yet, providing a few charging cords in various configurations so they can still charge up even if they didn’t bring a cord with them.

The right style can say a lot about your business when your customers first walk through the door. Make sure to pay attention to all the little details when you’re decorating, including upgrading to coordinating wall switch plates that work with your brand image and office décor.