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Roofing Options for a New Build


If you are designing your dream home, you will obviously want a top quality roof, as this is the most important component of the building, as it protects the property against the harsh UK climate. Prior to making any roofing decisions, it is wise to examine all of your options, and here are a few common roof types that are found in the UK.

  1. Slate Roofing – Despite the emergence of composite materials, slate is still the most popular roofing material, and for good reason, as a slate roof that is professionally installed will last for many years. Not every roofing company can work with slate, but your local roofing company in Calne have a wealth of experience with slate, and can design and build the ideal roof.
  2. Standard Roof Tiles – A little less expensive than slate, roof tiles come in a range of attractive colours, and regarding design, you can discuss the many options with the contractor.
  3. Metal Roof – Not such a common sight in the UK, there’s a lot to be said for a metal roof, which should last a few decades, and the special metal roofing sheets are well-insulated and reflect the sun’s rays. A metal roof would stand up to gale force winds better than a tiled roof, as the sheets are firmly fixed, whereas roof tiles are laid onto a baton and lightly nailed down.

If you would like to explore the various roofing options, a Google search will help you locate a lcal roofing contractor, and you can take it from there.