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3 Reasons Why You Need a Tree Survey Report


Trees bring shade, wood for building materials and are sources of food.  We need trees for oxygen and trees need us to live as well. This is why people who develop lands for commercial and residential use need tree survey reports to map out trees found on their project areas. If you are a land developer, engineer, solicitor or project manager, you need tree survey reports before you proceed with any project.

Tree Survey Report Uses

1.Highlight The Legal Status Of Trees

Surveys can determine the legal status of all the trees in an area. A survey may help advise clients and homeowners the most practical and cost-effective method to solve tree problems.  Surveys will also help solve any problem that may arise due to removal of legal trees.

2.To Check And Document Disease Or Decay

Trees live, breathe and thrive and like people, are also susceptible to a number of diseases. The most common worry is rot. Rotting trees are mostly due to a fungal infection that decays wood from the inside.  Fungi can enter trees through openings and wounds on the bark causing heart rot.

When this happens, trees may appear healthy and solid from the outside, with the bark intact, but is rotting on the inside. Unsuspecting residents or homeowners may find themselves dealing with property damage and even threat to their safety with trees suffering from heart rot. A tree survey report will monitor the status of diseased trees. Information gathered from these reports may be reviewed by authorities to plan for proper action and possible tree removal

A report will also determine the health of surrounding trees in the area where the diseased trees are located. Likely affected trees may be monitored and treated using tree survey reports as well.

3.For Land Development, Architectural And Engineering Work

Nowadays, land developers are into creating green communities for their clients. They use surveys to map out the area where trees are and base their planning and construction from these.

They may build playgrounds where a large number of trees are and choose to construct homes or residences where there are only a few trees. Rarely will green land developers remove or fell trees. Tree survey reports will help communities build a better, greener and more vibrant living space for all.

If you need a tree survey report, don’t hesitate to contact a professional today.