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Five Landscaping Ideas Perfect for Illinois Homes


From the breathtaking beauty of Lake Michigan to the rolling hills of rural Illinois, the state is filled with stunning landscapes. For homeowners looking to spruce up their yards, there are plenty of creative ideas that take advantage of the unique climate and environment of The Prairie State. Here are five landscaping ideas perfect for homes in Illinois, and check out this landscaper in Illinois for more ideas!

Native Plants

One great way to give your yard a unique look is by planting native flora. Native plants have adapted to the soil, climate and wildlife of the area, so they require less maintenance than non-native plants do. Plus, they attract beneficial insects like butterflies and help maintain a healthy ecosystem in your backyard. Some popular native plants for Illinois include Black-Eyed Susan, Blazing Star and New England Aster.

Rain Gardens

Rain gardens can be easily incorporated into any landscape design to capture rainfall runoff from nearby hard surfaces like driveways or patios. These gardens are usually situated at a depression in the land where water will flow naturally and absorb into the ground slowly instead of running off into storm drains or sewers. Rain gardens can also help reduce flooding and provide habitats for birds and other wildlife.

Edible Gardening

Edible gardening is an increasingly popular trend across Illinois, as more people become interested in growing their own fresh fruits and vegetables at home. Planting an edible garden not only provides you with delicious produce but also adds a beautiful element to your landscaping design with colorful flowers, herbs, berries and more. Herbs like thyme, rosemary and oregano are some easy options for beginner gardeners since they don’t require much care or space!

Drought-Tolerant Landscapes

A drought-tolerant landscape may sound oxymoronic—after all, it’s called “The Prairie State”—but you can still create a beautiful outdoor space that doesn’t need tons of water to thrive. Native plants like switch grasses, sedges and succulents are all hardy varieties that survive with little water while adding texture to your landscaping design. Other low-water options include rock gardens or paths made of gravel or pavers that don’t need frequent watering or mowing once established.

Fire Pit Areas

Finally, fire pits make great additions to any outdoor living area in Illinois since summer nights can get cool during June through August months on Lake Michigan or elsewhere in the state! Fire pits come in many shapes and sizes—from classic brick designs to modern metal models—so there’s something suitable for every style preference. Make sure you check local codes about open flame regulations before installing one on your property!


With its diverse geography ranging from urban areas near Lake Michigan to rural plains further south, Illinois offers plenty of inspiration when it comes to landscaping ideas for your home! From planting native species to creating drought-tolerant landscapes or adding a fire pit area with friends and family in mind – these five ideas will help bring beauty as well as functionality into your outdoor living space while keeping things sustainable too!