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A Guide to Replacing Missing Roof Tiles


If your roof is tiled or slate covered, there will be times when a tile or two becomes damaged or is lost, and should you ever notice any missing roof tiles, rather than tackle this yourself, you are advised to talk to your local roofing contractors in Bradford. The local specialist will be able to source identical tiles, which keeps your roof looking balanced, and the work can be completed within a few minutes.

  • Matching Roof Tiles – There are, of course, roof tiles of all shapes and colours, and in the event you lose a few tiles, talk to the roofing company that installed the roof, as they will be able to source an identical match. The way roof tiles are fixed does allow for them to be lifted in gale force winds, as the tiles are resting on a timber baton, and it isn’t unusual to lose 3 or 4 after a storm. Your local roofer would likely have quite a collection of spare roof tiles, and is bound to have a few that match your roof, and once they have been replaced, no one would ever know.
  • Tree Damage – Overhanging trees can be a real issue, and should a sizeable branch fall onto the roof, it could cause serious damage. It isn’t always evident that the roof is damaged, which is why it is a good idea to have the roof inspected once or twice a year.
  • Regular Roof Inspections– The only way to be sure that your roof is in good order is to inspect it every few months, something that your local roofing contractor can do on your behalf.

Talk to your local roofing company today and ask them to inspect your roof.