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2019 Home Staging Tips and Tricks For Every Seller


We have to admit, not everyone has an eye for a good design. This is why when it is time to sell your home, you are wondering if you can do a lot more to up the prices. Home staging might sound like a foreign language to you, but for the home that you are selling, it is important that it is well designed so you can sell it for a good price. To get started here are some home staging tips and tricks that you can try.

Home Staging Tips and Tricks

You can definitely hire a person who is an expert in home staging, but why do that when there are DIY staging tricks that sellers can do to get it ready for showings and photo ops? To help, here are some home staging tips that you can try even if you do not have an artistic mind:

  • Be Sensitive With The Five Senses. Remember that when you are staging your home, it is not all about the visual. Make your space be more appealing to all of the senses that is beyond sight. Make it smell good. Take note of the sound as well as the textures. Eliminate any pet odors and make it smell fresh and inviting. You can also stage your home with comfortable furniture, add some throw pillows and add furnishings like faux-fur rugs.
  • Clear Your Bathroom From All Decor. Many home buyers want a spacious bathroom. If your bathroom is not that big, at least create a feeling that it has a decent size. You can remove all of the unnecessary decors that you placed there. Most homeowners want a contemporary bathroom.
  • Declutter The Closet. This is probably one of the scariest things to do when home staging your house before you put it up for sale. Remember that during a visit, the buyer will open up closets and cupboards. Learn how to organize your closets and cupboards like how a showroom would. Find closet organizing tips online and take a look at how to make it look like the ones in the magazine.
  • Make Dark Walls White. You might be a fan of those dark and gray walls that you personally picked for your living room a few years back, but not every home buyer will agree with you. This color will also not be a good shade in photos. Remember that it is very seldom for a buyer to come looking for a ‘dark house.’ Of course, you do not need an artistic painting on the wall. Just a fresh paint of while will give your room natural light and also open up space a bit.
  • Repainting Instead Of Replacing. Aside from repainting the walls, there are also some tricks on how to get away from replacing them. Like your door for example. If it’s still in a good shape, there’s no need to replace it. Just apply a coat of fresh paint to make it look like new. Update your cabinets with white or gray color. Use low-resin paint on bathroom tiles to cover up chips, blemishes, and old colors.

If you are not sure that you have done everything to update your home before you sell it, ask your agent on his or her take about the property. In fact, there are also affordable interior design services that you can consult with to make sure that your house is more than ready. Remember that the purpose of home staging is to emphasize the beauty of your home in the simplest way possible.