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Window Replacement Costs in Edmonton: Fiberglass and Composite Windows Compared


Whether you want to improve the appearance of your home, to save money on energy bills or to boost the resale value of your property, it’s possible with window replacements in Edmonton. Most contemporary styles in Edmonton are attractive, energy-efficient, and high-quality. Thus, your objectives will be met without much hassle.

Considering that there are so many styles, it’s important that you know how to choose between them. One important factor that you can use as the basis for comparison is the type of material.

 You probably are aware of vinyl and wood window replacements since the materials are quite popular in Edmonton. Now, the newest materials on the market are fiberglass and composite. It’s usually a battle of the titans when it comes to comparing the two materials.

Fiberglass Window Replacement Cost

On average, a fiberglass window replacement in Edmonton cost $200-$900 depending on style and frame. For example, styles like awning and hopper cost the least (at most $400 per window) while styles like sliding, casement, and double-hung cost the most (at least $800 per window). Looking at this cost, it’s an expensive one. Here are the possible explanations:

  • Great Style: In terms of appearance, fiberglass replacements look like vinyl. Their frames are thinly built but very attractive, visually. The windows are generally designed for the modern home.
  • Energy-Efficient: Fiberglass windows top the list on the basis of energy-efficiency. They are better performers than vinyl and composite. So, you are always guaranteed reduced monthly energy bills.
  • Strength: Fiberglass is generally a strong material. These windows are built to withstand physical stress and heat to guarantee long-term service. So, you get a better return on investment.

However, you have to remember that this cost is just for the windows. You’ll have to incur the installation cost (labor charges). The cost is about $100-$500 per installation. So, the more windows you install, the higher the overall installation cost. Generally, installing fiberglass windows replacements is never easier. For this reason, they are not meant for DIY installation. You may risk fitting them improperly just because you want to save on installation.

Composite Window Replacement Cost

On average, a composite replacement window in Edmonton costs $300-$1,100 – also depending on design and frame. Clearly, they are slightly costly to buy than fiberglass windows. Here are possible explanations:

  • Versatile: The frames for composite windows differ depending on the brand. Nonetheless, all come in amazing finishes and colors.
  • Energy-efficient: Though not as energy-efficient as fiberglass windows, composite windows will also save you energy costs. In fact, they come second to fiberglass windows. Thus, they are more energy-efficient than wood and vinyl.
  • Easy maintenance: Composite windows are not demanding after installation. They are easy to clean and take care of.

Like fiberglass windows, you also need to beware of additional installation cost. You may spend $50-$250 on labor per installation. You should also leave the installation to the expert.

On paper, there’s isn’t much to separate fiberglass windows from composites. They are both costly to install but come with amazing benefits. So, yes, they are worth the costs. However, if you are looking to score a cheaper quote, you are likely to enjoy it on a fiberglass window than on a composite window.