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What to Do When Mice Invade your Home


Rats and rodents are very hardy little creatures that have managed to share out living space for thousands of years, and even with a modern home, you are still at risk of a mice infestation. Food is always a major requirement if you want to deter mice, or rather lack of food, by keeping a spotlessly clean kitchen. If you hear tiny scuffling along your skirting boards, this most likely means you have unwanted visitors, and the best solution is to call in a local pest control service.

Professional Pest Control

Fortunately, there are affordable pest control services in Longfield who will soon have the problem under control, and they can easily be located with a Google search. The pest control officer would first survey the property before putting together an extermination plan, and they also take steps to deter any future occupation.

Home Remedies

There are a few home remedies that might reduce the numbers, including:

  • Mouse Traps – Not an effective method to remove all the mice.
  • Laying of Poison – Not recommended with children or pets.

Of course, you could introduce a cat into the environment, although, as the famous cartoon of Tom & Jerry reminds us, it isn’t always the cat who wins. Mice are incredibly discreet, and it might be many months before you are even aware you have mice in the house, which might only be due to the droppings found under the fridge. If you suspect you have rats or mice in your home, call out your local pest control service, who can carry out a series of solutions to effectively remove all trace of rodents.