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What is the right procedure to make plantation?


Tulip, the perennial flower that grows from the bulbs as it is a bulbous plant with around seventy-five species throughout the world and it is about twenty-eight inches and it blooms in a variety of colors with six petals. Tulip bulb is a spring blooming flower or in the month of early winter as they are in a long period with low temperature which causes them to bloom the flower.

Planting tulip in the month of spring is not needed for most of the gardeners and if they didn’t bloom in the month of spring and as it blooms further periods. Understanding the life cycle of tulip is simple and it will be easier to follow the simple instructions to grow the tulip plants.

Tulip bulbs grow well during the month of winter in which it grows well in regions with low temperature. It also grows in the month of spring but sometimes the growth during this month is insufficient and this doesn’t mean that the plant is dead as it may take some time to bloom the bulb.

The method of tricking is the natural method and it is a key feature to bloom the flower. Fill the pot with half of soil and this pot should be six to eight inches in diameter and this will help to plant more number of tulips in a single pot and this should be placed in such a way by facing up and cover the pot additionally with some amount of soils by maintaining moisture and to be noted is that it shouldn’t soak within it.

After this make the pot to be placed in the back of the cooler for up to twelve weeks and this should continue until the roots coming out through the bottom of the pot and after that remove the plant from the back of cooler and place it again in the coolest area and then slowly try to adapt it to the warmest region in the home but it should not be placed directly towards the sunlight as it prevents it from burning of the blooms.

Once it blooms and die, the stems should be removed as it grows four weeks after removing it from the cooler and then continue watering until the bloom comes outside.

In outdoor planting through direct sunlight method the tulip will bloom after fourteen weeks by removing it from the cooler and this direct outdoor cause the bulbs of tulip to sprout as it doesn’t have enough nutrients to make it moisture. There are many plantation tips available online. From those lists, I have my mentor who has better knowledge. Thus, her website about plants is still up and running.