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Removing Mature Trees in Residential Areas


We all love to have a few majestic oaks or elms near our property, and the shade and screening they provide are indeed welcome, yet there are times when a mature tree has to be removed. It might be due to old age, or perhaps storm damage, and with so much weight, it is essential to call in an experienced tree surgeon from Fareham, who would have the know-how and equipment to safely remove the tree, and he will even grind the stump up as well.

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Risk Assessment

If you notice a large branch that is damaged, the best thing to do is call your local tree surgeon, who can carry out an assessment. He might recommend removing a section of the tree, or even lopping off the top, but if, in his professional opinion, the tree presents a danger, he would recommend removal.


Removing a tree that weights over 50 tons requires the right tools and equipment, which would include:

  • Crane
  • Ground Crew
  • Tree Surgery equipment – chain saws, ropes and harnesses.

Removing a large tree would be done from the top down, with selected braches roped up and lowered to the ground. The trunk section would be very heavy, and only small sections can be safely lowered, and there would be a flat-bed truck waiting for the trunk sections.

Safety is a prime concern, and the tree surgeon would have comprehensive insurance, in the event something goes wrong. The tree would be systematically taken apart, and when that’s done, they would then use a stump grinder to completely remove the stump’ allowing you to use the land.