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Hundreds of Thousands of Britons Move Each Year: Here’s What You Need to Know for Your Next Relocation


During the late 1980s, polling statistics showed that British homeowners would pack up and relocate once every 8.6 years, but it’s worth bearing in mind that this figure has nearly tripled to 23 years as of the latest censuses.

This can be chalked up to the length of the typical mortgage (20.7 years) and the fact that UK householders feel compelled to pay off their loans before contemplating a move, although these numbers are a bit skewed because the younger crowd is still inclined to move quite regularly.

The True Frequency of Relocations and How to Expedite a Property Shift

In reality, the UK’s relocation rate is currently at its highest level in almost thirteen years, due in large part to the 21 to 35 age group. In any event, you must have all of your bases covered as you gear up for a forthcoming change of address. Follow these steps to ensure success in your next move:

  1. Enumerate and itemise the articles in every chamber and closet.
  2. Come up with a two-week utilisation plan that accounts for all of the clothing, food, cookware, and other provisions you’ll need, and then start packing the rest.
  3. If you have children or pets, make arrangements for a caregiver.
  4. Declare your upcoming relocation with all of the address-specific services you rely on.

Then, be sure to hire a local crew that’s well trained in performing quality home removals in Sheffield.

Is a Professional Mover Really All That Necessary?

By the time you tally up the cost of a truck, moving containers, packaging supplies, missed time from work, and all of the other incidentals that arise during a DIY move, you’ll see that outsourcing the grunt work is far more sagacious and frugal, so be sure to subcontract the transfer process.