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DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips For Pet Odours


Our furry friends bring us a lot of joy, and whilst it might feel like they’re part of the family, they’re still animals and they come with their own unique smells.

The only trouble is, pet smells aren’t too kind on human noses, especially not if your pets have accidents in your home.

So if pet odour is giving your home an unpleasant smell, here are some DIY pet odour treatments.

Sprinkling baking soda

If you’re not already using baking soda as a cleaning product, now is definitely a good time to start. Baking soda absorbs odours.

Most people have baking soda tucked handily away in a kitchen cupboard, so you shouldn’t have to worry about rushing out to buy some.

So if you want a simple DIY pet odour treatment, just sprinkle baking soda over the smelly area and leave it for a few hours. Keep your pets out of the way whilst it works its magic, and then hoover up the baking soda after a few hours.

You should find that the baking soda has absorbed the pet odour, leaving your home smelling fresh.

Clean with baking soda paste

Another way to use baking soda is to mix it with water. When mixed with water baking soda doesn’t just absorb smells, it also dissolves dirt.

This DIY cleaning trick is particular useful for carpet cleaning any odours that have occurred as a result of an accident.

To make the paste, mix 1/2 cup of baking soda with a few tablespoons of water until the mixture has a paste-like consistency. Then just spread it over the smelly area, leave it to dry (it’s a good idea to leave it overnight) and then hoover it all up.

Clean carpets with vinegar and water

Vinegar might have a strong smell at first, but over a short time it neutralises odours. The classic vinegar smell quickly disappears, leaving a fresh, odour free environment.

You can create a vinegar spray bottle, with equal parts vinegar, equal parts water, and use it to spray your carpets, furniture, even your surfaces.

Spray from about a foot away, and leave the solution to dry. As it dries, any pet odour will be neutralised.

Try lemon juice

If you don’t want to put up with the initial smell of vinegar, lemon juice is another great (and natural) cleaning agent that eliminates pet odours.

There are a coupe of different ways you can use lemon juice, but both ways are going to leave your home with a fresh citrus scent, instead of bad pet odour.

The first way is to leave bowls of lemon juice around your home, near any smelly areas. Place them up high so your pet can’t get them, and as air circulates around your home, the lemon juice will start to get rid of pet odours.

Another way to use lemon juice is to mix it with water and spray or scrub it into certain areas. This is a good method if the pet odour is coming from the site of an accident.

There are several different DIY  pet odour treatments you can try to make your home smell fresh. The good thing about the above methods is they’re all inexpensive, and can be very effective.

However, if you’re experiencing a persistent pet odour, it’s worth consulting a professional cleaning company. Some smells go deeper than the surface, so a deeper clean is in order.