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A Guide to Whole Home Renovation


If you are looking to redecorate your home, there are basically two ways of going about it; the first is to move out of the property and have several teams of painters & decorators working on separate rooms, while the other alternative is to have one room done at a time, which allows for continued occupation while the decorating is happening.

Professional Solutions

An online search for Swindon painters & decorators will surely put you in touch with a local contractor, and if you have no real concept in mind, the professional painter & decorator can make some suggestions. Once a theme has been chosen, the decorator can quote for each room, and with a professional team at your disposal, a room would only take a few days to complete.

Various Styles

There are several popular themes, including:

  • Antique look
  • Modern look
  • Contemporary setting

Choosing Suitable Colours

This is something the painter & decorator can help you with, and you are only limited to your own imagination. Skirting and architrave can easily be replaced with something a little more attractive, and there is a range of attractive fixtures and fittings that can be added to the design.

Minimal Inconvenience

Domestic painters & decorators are used to working around the occupants, and there would be a minimum of disruption to everyday life. It would be normal to focus on the upper floor first, and once the bedrooms and bathroom are complete, the stairs and landing would likely be the next objective, depending, of course, on the occupants.