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3 Things Your Local Roofer Can Look Out For While On Your Roof.


The weather that we get in the United Kingdom is fairly standard and most days. We experience some kind of rain and wind. Most of the year, it can be quite cool in the UK and it is a climate that we have become accustomed to. We experience our fair share of storms and quite recently due to global warming and changes in weather patterns, these storms are getting stronger and more frequent.

Our homes are designed to protect us from these storms and generally, it does its job as it should. However, sometimes things come loose or get damaged like the tile son our roof and there need to be mended immediately before it becomes something much bigger. You need to schedule regular checks and use affordable roofers in Sheffield to get the work done competently and professionally. While up there on your roof, they can do the following.

  1. They can check for damaged or cracked tiles or slates. They generally keep a stock of the more popular tiles and these can be replaced immediately. They can also check that the felt on your roof is not damaged and rolling back.
  2. If you still have the old style chimney, then the cowls and pots need to be checked for breakages. The stone in the chimney itself can also be re-pointed if necessary.
  3. Guttering gets clogged with leaves and twigs which stops the rain being able to drain away from your roof. These need to be cleaned out to protect your roof from damp and leaks.

Your local roofer can spot so many issues when they are up on your roof, but first you need to book an appointment. Call them today.