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15 Unique Presents for Your Parents


Getting your parents gifts can be a daunting task, especially when they have almost everything. Everybody loves to be gifted.

Many of us have childhood memories of when our parents gave us memorable gifts.

Now that you are an adult, it is time to give your parents their favourite presents.

Below are 15 presents you might consider as a gift for your parents:

A makeover for their home office

If your parents have a home office, take that opportunity to make a particular area as beautiful as you can.

Decorate the space with photo-filled items such as glass photo prints, easel canvases and mugs.

Professional house cleaning services

Your parents have been doing an excellent job of keeping your home clean all the time.

Show them how you appreciate that by hiring professional house cleaning services for them. Services like Houseproud cleaning never disappoint.

Subscription services

Gifting is not a one-day affair. It should be done continuously. No gift can ever beat that of subscription services.

For instance, look for a club that offers monthly gifts such as flowers and maybe DIY projects and buy a subscription for your parents.

A body massager

Your parents would appreciate a gentle massage after the many years of hard work to provide for you and the rest of the family.

This would be a perfect gift, especially if they have been complaining of muscle pulls or back pains.

Customised pillows

Bedroom or living room throw pillows would be a great way of displaying your family photos or lovely messages to your parents.

There are numerous designs to choose from. Make sure to go for one that allows you to express yourself to your parents.

Tickets to a local theatre

Everyone needs a little change from time to time. Treating your parents to a night out in a local theatre will make them so happy.

Local theatres are the best since they play musicals that are more likely to be familiar with your parents.

Local Tourism

How well do your parents know about their town? Probably not much. Most of us do not have time to explore what is happening in our backyard.

Gift them with a break from their regular daily routine and allow them to be tourists in their town.

A throw blanket

Let your parents have a warm comfort as they snuggle together or even individually. Get them a throw blanket.

Be sure to go with their favourite colour to make them like it even more.

Personalised journals

How would you love the idea of your parents keeping their notes, messages and thoughts? A great way to journal family history.

Personalised journals will go a long way to do that. Go for journals with handpicked designs and probably lovely messages.

Engraved necklaces

Moving away from home is hard, both for you and your parents.

Gift them custom engraved necklaces. This will be a beautiful keepsake for your parents, knowing that your heart is always home.

Learning adventure

There are a lot of learning adventures that you can gift your parents. Consider learning opportunities such as; botanic gardens, local marinas, museums, art centres and dance studios.

Scent diffuser

Your parents are probably retired and spend a lot of their time at home. Gift them a scent diffuser to help keep their home smelling delightful.

Story family book

Your parents will never tire from flipping through a hand-designed family book with photos of you from birth to the present day.

Include siblings and other relatives and close friends too.


Do your parents still use the old pans they were gifted years ago on their wedding day? If yes, then upgrading their kitchen with new cooking wear will be an excellent gift.

Enhance an old photo

Your parents’ wedding photos must be a little dated by now. Please choose one of their favourite wedding photos and enhance it; probably enlarge, matte and frame it.

The options are many; we have just listed a few that you might find helpful.

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