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Why Protective Workwear is Important on the Job


Safety is a major issue for any individual working on a construction site. It doesn’t matter what your job is on a site, you must be wearing protective workwear to ensure you are safe at all times. It is due to the absence of personal protective equipment that workers suffer bad injuries and expose themselves to health hazards. If you are working in the West Midlands and you need to visit electrical wholesalers in Walsall to purchase safety clothing, you’ll find several good suppliers in the area. Safety clothing and equipment is vitally for all kinds of workers, including:

  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Labourers
  • Bricklayers
  • Project managers

You should always use protective clothing while on-site, hazards come in all shapes and sizes, so you never know when disaster can strike. If you aren’t prepared for the dangers, you could get easily injured.

Here are some of the most common protective workwear you’ll find on building sites.

Head protection > Hard hats are the most common piece of protective workwear you’ll see on a construction site, they are designed to protect your head from falling debris and flying objects.

Eye Protection > Safety goggles and spectacles are vitally important on a construction sites, along with a safety hat, they help to protect your face during risky jobs such as metal work and air-tool operation.

Hearing Protection > If you’ve ever been anywhere near a building site you’ll know it can be incredibly noisy. Being exposed to harmful noise levels is bad for your ears, that’s why you need ear defenders.