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Which is the best top loading washing machine?


When we talk about the Indian washing machines then a top loading washing machine comes to mind. Unlike Front loading machines, top loading machines are used in abundances with the ratio of 7:3 to the front loading machines. In Indian houses, the laundry area is kept small in the comparison to the whole house. So it is easier to place the top loading machine in Indian houses. Another thing is that front loading washing machines are quite expensive in the comparison to the top loading washing machines. Because of this, top loading washing machines are serving in almost every middle house family.

So one thing also comes out in this discussion of the best washing machine in India is that which is the best top loading machine? As India is a big country according to its population, there are surely many brands are available in the Indian market which claim that their product is best but here we have done a research and brought the best top loading washing machine for you.

Samsung 6.2 kg (WA62M4100HY/TL) is undoubtedly a beast among all the top loading washing machines existing in the Indian market. To be honest, Samsung has never failed to impress its customers with its durable and budget friendly products. Most of the Samsung electrical products rank on the top and this variant of the Samsung top loading washing machine is one of them. This machine has a really fascinating and futuristic design in terms of appearance. It comes with a display which shows everything working on the machine.

Let’s talk about its features

Samsung 6.2 kg (WA62M4100HY/TL) has many interesting and useful features which makes your work much easier.


This feature is available if you want to hand wash your excessively dirty clothes with hard stains. It has a sink which lets you enough space to use your hands to wash the stains inside the machine.

Eco Tub Clean

This feature is introduced in this machine to clean itself. Now you do not need to use chemicals to clean its tub. Moreover, it will notify you whenever it would need to be clean.

Magic Dispenser

Magic Dispenser is used to automatically manage the amount of the detergent. Also it dissolves all your detergent perfectly so that you would not find any detergent residue in your clothes. With another feature Water Fall, it spread the detergent evenly every side of the machine.

Air Turbo

This feature just boosts the clothes drying function so that they can dry quickly in the rainy days. After turning this function on, the rotating drum spins faster than usual and more water extracts from your clothes. Just a little moisture lefts behind.

Easy to use Interface

It has a very simple control panel with an intuitive LED display on which you can see your wash settings easily and the controls are mentioned to their respective buttons.

So these are some of the best features and functions which make WA62M4100HY/TL the best top loading washing machine in the Indian Market.