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What makes Sliding Door Wardrobes more efficient than Hinge Door Wardrobes

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Hinged-door wardrobes are arguably the most commonly used type of wardrobes. When you need a system for protecting and storing valuables from the elements, hinged-door wardrobes are an excellent choice. At the same time, modern living and space constraints have made a compelling case for sliding door wardrobes. A sliding door wardrobe provides all the benefits that you find in a classic hinged-door wardrobe. In fact, there are hardly any limitations to this design.

Conventional hinged-door wardrobes are restricted when it comes to how wide their doors can get. For instance, doors that are wider than 600mm put a strain on the hinges and make them weak. This can cause an inefficient closing action of the door or even cause it to fall off. Such limitations are not visible with fitted sliding door wardrobes.You can increase the width of a sliding door as much as you want.

Space requirement

Hinged-door wardrobes need more space. That is because they open outward and require enough space to open fully. This essentially means that the available space impacts the wardrobe’s size, i.e. its depth and the door’s width. There are no such worries with sliding door wardrobes. In fact, they are ideal for use in confined spaces.

Resistance towards damage

You can open a hinged-door wardrobe only so much (up to a maximum of 90 degrees) before it gives away. Also, every time the door is opened, it puts stress on the hinges. This can cause further damage to the entire framework. This type of limitation can be prevented by using a sliding door system where the doors do not open outward.

Easy installation

Installation is one aspect that should not be overlooked when choosing between different types of wardrobe doors. Sliding doors are easier to install than hinged doors. They use a system consisting of a bottom and top track, along which the door slides. However, sliding doors require more precision manufacturing and drilling work while also needing a higher degree of carpentry work than hinged-door wardrobes.


Doors of a sliding wardrobe are elegant as well as stylish. They give your room a stylish, sleek, and polished appearance. With a wide range of choices that includes wooden finishes, plain doors, mirror doors etc., a sliding door wardrobe proves to be a more contemporary addition to your bedroom.

Several finishes and styles

You will get a sliding door in various types of wood finishes like pine or walnut and glass finishes like coloured and patterned. Hinged doors too are available in attractive designs like bliss, high gloss, premier, solid wood and mitre.


All of these reasons together make sliding door wardrobes a better match for the modern day lifestyle.