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What Kinds of Building Surveys Are Available Today?


If you are thinking of buying a property, you are strongly advised to have the property surveyed, and there are a few types of building survey you can commission, depending on the scope you wish to have the building inspected. A comprehensive building survey can be carried out state of the art laser 3D scanning, which creates cloud of points, which are then processed by computer software to create a highly accurate 3D image of the structure.

Critical Design Aspects

Having a building surveyed allows you to closely examine every aspect, and with expert building serveys in Brighton, the survey can be tailored to best meet your needs. Purchasing a property is likely to be the biggest single investment you will ever make, and it makes sense to have the building professionally surveyed, as this will inform you of any structural defects that might be under the surface.

A comprehensive building survey would include the following:

  • Checking for Ground Subsidence
  • Inspecting the Property for Dampness
  • Footing and Foundations

It is essential to know that the structure is of solid construction, and by using state of the art 3D laser scanning, you can have a detailed surveyor’s report that covers every aspect of the structure. In the event that the survey uncovers any defects, you can then approach the seller with a view to having them carry out suitable repairs.

With a professional survey that is carried out by industry experts, you can be sure that the property is, in fact, in good condition. Older properties might require a more comprehensive survey than a new build, and this is something to discuss with the surveyor, who would make the right recommendations.