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What Is The Importance Of Street Furniture?

Street Furniture

Street furniture is a common sight in many cities. If you stroll down the street, you can easily see many chairs, street bollards, street lamps, post boxes, fountains, public lavatories, bus stops, etc. Have you ever thought about why they are built? What is their contribution to our social life? Let us discuss the importance of having such street furniture.

Street fixtures are installed to serve practical applications

Different street gears have their own practical applications. For example, seats are installed in a park for people to sit. They are also installed where chains of food stalls are present. Street lights are installed along the pavements to lighten up the place at night. Public lavatories are installed so that people can use them in times of emergency. You will hardly find any street furniture that is installed only for decorative purposes.

Street furniture promotes social interaction amongst people

There are many stories of friendship and love that has started on the seats of a park. People love to interact with known and unknown people whom they meet on the streets. They tend to strike a conversation with the person who is sitting next to them on the public seats. If they deem that the conversation is taking an interesting turn, they will prefer to spend long minutes in such interaction. In previous times, when social media interaction was not so prevalent, many relationships brewed on these street chairs.

Adding a new identity to the place

Most of the decision-makers prefer to install designer furniture on the street if it fits in their budget. They might go for an aesthetic design or a modern one. They can keep the style of the place in mind while deciding on the design of these installations. Such furniture, like a carefully designed bus stop, will be etched in the people’s mind, and they will later use it as a landmark of that place.

A new angle to street security

In general, several blockers and breakers are installed to prevent mitigation or rash driving by vehicles. However, these street fixtures can be tactfully used to serve the same purpose. They can be installed in the right places on the pavements so that the vehicles cannot encroach on them.

Street furniture serves several purposes. Whenever you walk down the road next time, look at the different fixtures and analyze what purpose they serve individually and as a whole.