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What is going on in front of your house when you are not at home?


Modern intercoms have a number of options that make our lives easier. It is now possible to find out who is at your door, even when you are away. Discover all the amazing possibilities of modern IP intercoms by 2N!

Modern technology and a number of new possibilities

Imagine that you are on a walk with your dog or a long vacation with your family, and someone is just knocking on your door. In the past, in such a situation someone would leave after ringing the doorbell a few times. Today you can know exactly who is at your doorstep, even when you are not at home. The possibilities offered by modern intercoms are impressive. Thanks to modern software, you can receive sound from your intercom on your smartphone or tablet. 2N IP intercoms provide the opportunity to talk to the guest in front of your door, which means that there will never be a situation that someone can’t get in contact with you. The modern intercom by 2N provides maximum security by detecting any movement or attempt to damage your front door. It immediately takes photos of the intruder and sends you an e-mail. Thanks to this, you can use the 2N Mobile Video app on your smartphone and always see what is happening outside your home. Modern IP intercoms from 2N will provide you with:

• maximum security
• the opportunity to talk to anyone who is at your door
• constant monitoring of your front door

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Security and convenience

The 2N Mobile Video app

will ensure that you always know exactly what is happening in front of your home. Uninvited guests will not be allowed in. If they try to break in, the intercom will immediately send pictures of the intruders by e-mail and activate the alarm. Smart homes consist of innovative technologies which are helpful in everyday life. Interest in IP intercoms by 2N is growing because they are known for their excellent audio and video quality. They are equipped with an HD camera with a night mode so your home is protected 24 hours a day.

Choose modern IP intercoms by 2N for the maximum level of security and comfort.