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Top Ten Ideas on How to Renovate Your Exterior


Everyone homeowner and businessmen want to have a building they could be proud of.  They do it to increase the value of their property. They do it to attract people. Your building can communicate. You can also make the best out of it.

Top eight ideas on how you could renovate your exterior

Add or change lighting

Lights can affect your mood. It can make your building more dramatic, romantic, or classy. There are different color, design, and style of lighting available for you. Check which color will bring the best out of your exterior. If you’re doing a facade renovation for your business, it’s important that you pay attention to the interest, behavior, and demands of your clients. Dedicate the task to them.

Building window boxes and add hanging plants

Go green. Plants will always add aesthetic value to your home’s exterior. If you’re not very good at taking good care of them, you could choose some species of plants that require less maintenance and watering.

Replace worn-out siding and shingles

Having missing shingles on the front side of the roof are unsightly. It even indicates that your home suffers from roof leaks. You can easily fix this problem by calling a roofer. Some roofers are even experts in installing new siding. This is a competent option, especially if you’re selling your house. New sidings can raise the market value of your house.

Add drapes and blinds

When choosing a drape or blind for your window, pick a material that is attractive from the outside and inside. Check the quality of the material too. You could pick a thick drape for rooms that are directly hit by the sunlight. To minimize sunlight, you can buy a sheer drape. Utilize its color to your advantage.

Repaint the porch or front deck

Your facade renovation won’t be complete if you don’t repaint your porch or front deck. Check the property of the subject material. Using the right painting technique, even an old porch may look new.

Repave the driveway

Before you repave the driveway, pay close attention to its condition. Rather than repave, some driveways need reconstruction. A small crack on the surface may affect the foundation’s durability. It creates space for snow, rainwater, and dust. By doing a thorough assessment, owners could avoid costly and unnecessary renovation.

Remove rotten woods

The lower part of your porch or foundation is highly exposed to snow and rainwater. It’s only expected that they deteriorate faster than the rest of your construction materials, especially if they’re made of wood. Before termites find them, start replacing the damaged parts. Also, you should take note of what caused the damage.

Install awnings

If you don’t have an extended roof, having an awning is a great choice. This is ideal not only for homeowners but also to business establishments. It’s customer-friendly. They come in great designs. Some companies even provide a lifetime warranty for the material, which is quite worthy of your investment.