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Sanitation in Industrial Environments.


Today we are going to talk about the importance of sanitation in industrial environments. To begin we must define what we understand by industrial sanitation. Industrial sanitation is all that is done in factories, warehouses or industrial buildings. Maintaining a high degree of cleanliness in industrial environments is very important, and it is a task that must fall on a professional company. We will explain why.

Essential for maintenance

First, good cleaning is essential both to extend the durability of the machinery and the company’s facilities, including ventilation, cooling or furniture systems. Secondly, cleaning is essential to ensure the highest quality of products that can be manufactured in such environments. Third, and not least, high levels of cleanliness are necessary to ensure the health of workers and staff of any job, as well as to prevent occupational accidents.

Specialization is key

There are many types of industry, and each has specific cleaning needs. The importance of hiring a company like Nubirth Pressure Washing is both in the degree of specialization of the staff when executing each of the specific cleaning techniques and in the experience when recommending to the client what are the most appropriate techniques and with better results for the type of facilities that will be maintained.

Different industrial cleaning techniques

There are many techniques when carrying out industrial cleaning processes, and now we will show you some of them:

-Pressurized water: This cleaning method involves applying a very powerful water jet. It requires specific material and planning, since it is not valid for any type of area, machinery or space.

– Cleaning by soaking or immersion: It consists of soaking some small pieces or with holes that would be difficult to clean with other methods. The liquid in which these pieces are placed consists of various chemical products chosen especially for the type of material to be cleaned.

-Clean cleaning: This technique allows us to reach some holes in the machinery that cannot be accessed with other techniques. After applying the foam – with the appropriate chemical elements – and letting it take effect, the solution is clarified.

– Dry steam cleaning: This technique disinfects and cleanses without the need for chemical products, and has the advantage that unlike other techniques mentioned above it does not require rinsing since the steam disappears by itself. It is a technique that requires professional specialization in cleaning since specific machinery is used and the steam jet can reach very high temperatures, so the technical team in charge of cleaning must also have the proper protections when applying this method.

– Sandblasting: This technique involves the application of pressurized sand, and is very useful for removing superficial layers of dirt that may be very embedded. It can be used in some machinery, but it is mostly used for cleaning walls and facades.

-Cleaning with injection-extraction machinery: This machinery is used above all to clean textile parts such as carpets, armchairs or carpets, which by the type of material absorb dirt and particles in suspension from any industrial environment and therefore need machinery Powerful for cleaning. This type of machines injects a tissue cleaning foam that will then be absorbed by the same tool.

These are some of the cleaning techniques necessary to guarantee maximum hygiene in an industrial environment, and as we said at the beginning of the article they require a high degree of specialization not only in their handling and application but also when planning what techniques to use and which products to use in each technique -when these require chemical products-.

At Nubirth Pressure Washing we have more than 10 years of experience in the world of cleaning, and it is this experience that allows us to plan, develop and implement projects of this type in specialized sectors such as the pharmaceutical, food, textile, metallurgical etc. If you are looking for the outsourcing of your company’s cleaning, we invite you to contact us; we will look for the best way to help you in your project.