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How to Remove a Mature Tree


Trees are wonderful to have in the garden, as they provide essential shade, yet when they grow to a large size, trees can present a danger. If you have ever wondered how a mature tree in a residential area is removed, you have come to the right place.

  • Professional Assessment – This is the first thing that must be done, and if you call in your local tree surgeon in Anstruther, he will evaluate the risks and if he thinks it needs to come down, he would decide how to remove the tree. This would involve assessing where the weight is distributed and how many sections the tree will need to be cut.
  • Zoning Off the Area – Prior to any work commencing, the ground safety team would cordon off the area with cones. Vehicles would be moved if they are anywhere near the tree, and the tree surgeon would ascend and begin to remove top branches, which would be lowered to the ground by a crane.
  • Wood Removal – A flat-bed truck would be used to remove the timber, starting with the brushwood, then the trunk section, bit by bit. If the tree is unsafe, the surgeon might use a cherry picker rather than risk ascending the tree, and large sections of trunk would be carefully lowered onto the back of the waiting truck.
  • Stump Removal – Up until a few years ago, you would have to put up with a large stump on your property, yet today, we have a stump removal machine that mulches the stump into sawdust.

The tree surgeon would be fully insured, which is essential when removing large trees in residential areas, and with great care, the tree would be removed.