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Kitchen makeover ideas within a small budget

Kitchen makeover

Here’s some fantastic news for those looking for Kitchen Makeovers Melbourne. You don’t need to have deep pockets to make huge changes to an outdated kitchen! You can easily add style and function with an affordable mix of modern as well as traditional kitchen makeovers. Let’s find out how to make Quality Kitchen Renovations within a small budget.

Add proper lighting: Lights for the ceiling, mini pendants, under the cabinet lighting and so on can add a dramatic look to your kitchen. You can also control the lighting with the help of dimmers.

Give a makeover to the cabinets: If you need to convey a custom style for a budget kitchen remodel, you can change the cabinets in your kitchen with the help of sleek hardware.

Give a frame to your fridge: You can provide panels to a traditional refrigerator to create a clean profile. This would give your refrigerator a high-end look.

Change the sink: Add a stainless-steel sink and a single-handle faucet to give the look of a perfect pair! The faucet can make a 360 degree turn and can make the process of rinsing easier.

Add cabinet liners: With any budget kitchen renovation, installing cabinet liners can provide a refreshing feel to the kitchen cabinets. It can be an easy and inexpensive update. It can also hide the weathered wood and protect new wood from wear and tear.

Add a breakfast corner: A small kitchen remodel would not require much space or money. You can transform the neglected corner of your kitchen into a functional breakfast area. All you need is a table, seating arrangements and a few plush pillows to provide a welcoming feel!

Customise storage: Upgrade to smart when it comes to a kitchen renovation. You can customise and boost new or existing cabinets with storage features which might include a pull-out tray.

Sliding pantry door: Reach your snacks and other ingredients easily by adding a barn-style sliding door. This can be an inexpensive and modern solution. It can save space and money by making use of a hollow-core door and rustic hardware kit.

Upgrade the kitchen floor: If the kitchen floor is a turndown, rather than removing it, you can consider laying new flooring on top. Most kitchen designers would advise you to do so as it can cut down cost when compared to removing the existing flooring and adding a new one.

Make a hanging rail: If you attach two handles and a length of a dowel to a wall, you can easily create a storage solution for most of your kitchen accessories. From foil to kitchen towel, you can use it for endless products. If two leather handles are added, they would make a stylish support for a kitchen memo board or for a brown paper roll.

Convert your door into a noticeboard: You can turn creative by providing a personality to your kitchen. If you add a simple wall of black paint which can be drawn on with chalk, a personal touch gets added to your kitchen makeovers.

Quality kitchen makeovers such as these are always attractive and offer a refreshing experience. It also becomes a perfect corner for kids to entertain themselves while you keep a watch on them while working in the kitchen. It can be an ideal add-on for families to spend more time together!