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Is Your Bedding Causing You to Lose Sleep


According to the National Sleep Foundation, the average adult needs at least 7-9 hours of sleep in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, a lot of people don’t get the continuous 7-9 hours of quality rest because their sleep is disturbed by the quality of their beds. While most people take their beds for granted, beds actually play a huge role in sleep quality. People who have low-quality mattresses often have trouble performing their daily tasks because of bad sleep. Here are a few reasons why:

  • You’ll Wake Up Tired

First of all, people who have low-grade mattresses won’t be able to sleep properly. Imagine sleeping on a hard and lumpy mattress every night. No matter how hard you try, you’ll most likely not be able to fall into a deep and comfortable slumber. You’ll probably keep waking up in the middle of the night, trying to find the right position but can’t. Because of this, you’ll wake up tired every day and won’t perform your daily tasks properly.

  • You’ll End Up with a Bad Back

In addition to extreme fatigue, you’ll also end up with a lot of sore muscles and joints. If your bed is too lumpy or too sunken, your back won’t stay in its natural position while you sleep. This is why those who sleep on really old mattresses often wake up complaining about really bad back aches. In the long run, you’ll eventually have spinal problems or joint problems.

  • You’ll Get Sick More Easily

When you don’t sleep properly, your health naturally deteriorates. Severe lack of sleep leads to a lower immune system because the body isn’t given ample time to repair itself (which is exactly what it does when you sleep). If your body doesn’t have enough time to fix itself, then your body won’t be strong enough to fight off sicknesses. With this, you become sick more easily.

  • You’ll Have Low Cardiac Health

If you consistently don’t have enough sleep, you’re more prone to cardiovascular diseases. In fact, another study done by the National Sleep Foundation states that out of 3,000 adults of 45 years and above that they’ve studied, the participants who had less than six hours of sleep every night were the ones more prone to stroke or heart attacks.

These are some of the things that will happen if you don’t have proper sleep. As mentioned already, having a good mattress is essential in having a good night’s rest. This is why you should invest in a top quality bed so that you can get top quality sleep. Some of the best beds to buy include bamboo beds, memory foam beds, or waterbeds. These beds are not only very soft and comfortable, but they are also flexible in a sense that they match the shape of your body. They help assume the regular position of your back so that your spine stays in its natural state while you sleep.

Final Thoughts

You may not notice now, but over a long period of time, you’ll start to feel the effects of not having enough sleep. This is why you should invest in a good mattress as early as now so you won’t have to suffer any negative effects.