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How to Prep Offices for Commercial Cleaning Services?


A clean and fresh environment in the workplace makes every employee feel energetic, creative, and productive. However, there are some firms that struggle to adopt neat practices, especially during the holiday season. 

People look forward to meeting families and enjoying food around the table during the festivity of Thanksgiving and Christmas. They just can’t wait to get out of the offices and start the celebrations. 

Their desks are left cluttered, and the office fridge is stuffed with leftovers from the holiday party, which makes it difficult for the cleaning company to do their job. They will find it tough to decide where to start. 

How to prep offices for a cleaning company?

Work areas and desks need to be clear and organized

The commercial cleaning service is instructed to clean clear areas of the desks, without shifting things lying on them. If things like trash, cups, paper stacks and more are left carelessly, the desk cleaning becomes difficult. In such cases, the office manager will need to remind the staff to straighten up and organize their desks, before rushing out of the office for holidays.

Office fridge must not turn into a health hazard

The office refrigerator turns into a real mess when holiday celebrations are hosted in the office. During the holiday season, the office refrigerator is stacked with towering plates of cookies & cakes, or leftovers in catering containers, which no one desires to take home and forgotten lunches. 

This needs to be taken care of, as after a few days, the whole place could start smelling of the rotten food items. A notice or reminder can be sent to the employees to clean the fridge before they leave for holidays. This allows the cleaning company to do their job more efficiently. 

Take team help for daily tidiness

Carry out small and simple tasks like organizing paperwork, recycling, and keeping things off the floor as a team. You can create a chore chart so that everyone can work in pairs to tidy up the place. This helps commercial cleaners to focus on other deep cleaning tasks like cleaning the microwave, carpets, windowpanes, upholstery, and more. The holiday time can be used to address the preventive maintenance of HVAC, plumbing, electricity, and more.

When everyone participates, it is easy for the cleaning services to take care of the loose ends. Thus, a refreshing environment can be created without stressing out yourself and the employees. You can also keep a check on the cleaning budget for your office.