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Features of Wet Cleaning In House


Cleaning is usually carried out in several stages. Their number and order may change, but wet cleaning of the house remains an integral element of the event in any case. This process is the cleaning of various surfaces using moisture. Its essence is to rid interior items of dirt due to manual wet processing using appropriate equipment.

Purpose of wet cleaning in house

The purpose of wet cleaning a home is to deep clean surfaces immediately after dry cleaning. As a result of processing, the remaining dust, dirt, stains and all kinds of microorganisms are removed (if you have the right tool and consumables).

Wet cleaning of the house usually affects only open surfaces, but cleaning of closed areas is also required from time to time. Each element of the interior needs special care, and therefore cleaning requires a significant amount of time. Especially if it is carried out rarely and without proper preparation.

The procedure for carrying out wet cleaning in house

This cleaning can be done in different sequences. The main thing is to follow the basic principles in order to achieve ideal results. The recommended course of action is:

  • Training. It includes laying out personal belongings in the places intended for them and further removing the main layer of dust in a dry way – using a brush, rag or vacuum cleaner.
  • Wet cleaning from top to bottom. First you should clean the chandeliers, shelves and cabinets. Then window sills, furniture and carpeting. After that, you need to wipe the mirrors and glass.
  • Floor washing. You should start from the far room, moving towards the corridor. The greatest attention should be paid to the kitchen, bathroom and hallway.

Usually wet cleaning of the house is carried out in this order. Although there may be exceptions in some situations. More of house cleaning here https://hardrockcleaning.com/chicago/house-cleaning/.

Life hacks for wet cleaning in house

Next, we will talk about certain nuances that contribute to better cleanliness in the territory of your home.

  • Floor cleaning. It is best to use a modern washing vacuum cleaner with several nozzles. In the process of wet cleaning at home, this equipment will allow you to clean any floor covering – efficiently and accurately. The exception is marble and other floors that deteriorate from moisture. They should only be dry cleaned.
  • Carpet cleaning. Be sure to choose a product taking into account the material of the product, and then try it on a small area of the carpet. Further cleaning is advisable to carry out only with a positive result. More of carpet cleaning here https://hardrockcleaning.com/chicago/house-cleaning/carpet/.
  • Removing stains on carpets. After targeted treatment of the stain, you need to “even out the color” by walking with a wet brush over the entire surface of the product.
  • Removing stains from upholstered furniture. To ensure optimal results, it is necessary not only to treat stains, but also to carefully remove the used agent. And at the same time to draw out all the moisture that has accumulated in the workpiece.
  • Tile cleaning. This procedure is an integral part of wet cleaning the house, but it is rarely performed correctly. It is not advisable to use a rag to wash the tile, as it leaves stains after it. Ideally, you should use a washing vacuum cleaner with a special rubber nozzle. In this case, it will be much easier to achieve shine in the absence of streaks.
  • Wet bathroom cleaning. It is important to wash and wipe the plumbing well, as well as take care of other elements of the bathroom. Particular attention should be paid to washing the shower and bathroom curtains, because these elements are constantly forgotten. First you need to apply an anti-plaque agent, and then rinse it off with water.

If some coatings are made of materials that do not accept moisture, it is better to refuse wet cleaning. Otherwise, the condition of the products may be irretrievably damaged.

Recommended frequency of house cleaning

Given the rate of formation of accumulations of dust and dirt, it is advisable to carry out surface wet cleaning of the house every 2-3 days. Full cleaning – once a week. This frequency is sufficient to maintain relative cleanliness and prevent the unpleasant effects of dust on the human body.

By the way, it is not necessary to conduct the event yourself. If desired, wet cleaning of the apartment can be ordered in our company. We will complete the work as quickly as possible, and you will definitely like the results of our work.