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Emergency Plumbers – An Unheralded Emergency Service


Although plumbers, particularly emergency plumbers, are not emergency workers in the truest sense of the term, they can certainly provide an emergency service when you need them. Finding an emergency plumber in Shepherd’s Bush or anywhere in West London can be difficult, especially in you don’t have their telephone number stored on your phone. There can be few things worse than having a burst pipe at 3am in the depths of winter and then searching urgently online for plumbers in the area with water all over the place, so it really does make sense to find a local emergency plumber before you actually need them! There are many tasks an emergency plumber can carry out, including but not limited to:

  • Burst or Frozen Pipe Stabilisation and Repair
  • Hot Water Tank Repair
  • Blocked Toilet Repair
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Emergency Toilet Repairs

We have only mentioned just a few of the jobs that an emergency plumber can carry out on a 24-hour basis, for less urgent jobs the plumber can be contacted during regular business hours.

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The Importance of Going Local

It goes without saying that a local plumber will be able to attend to your emergency much more quickly that someone from outside of the local area. This is particularly important when you consider the potential damage a flood or burst pipe can cause to the fittings and fixtures of a home, in a worst-case scenario, serious water damage could compromise the structural integrity of a home. Finding a good local plumber and storing their contact details is absolutely crucial, make sure you find them before you need one in an emergency!