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Buying a New Oil Tank


Buying a new oil tank is not something you do every day but when you need one, you certainly need one. Putting off a new oil tank purchase is not a viable option as it will cost you money ongoing, with leaks and contamination being two main reasons. If you live in a relatively rural location and your heating depends on a regular and reliable supply of clean oil you should ensure your tank is checked and cleaned regularly. Dorset Oil Tank Installation and Replacement specialists can check your tank and make recommendations as to repair or replacement. Well established local oil tank specialists should be able to:

  • Check your Tank for Damage
  • Install New Oil Tanks
  • Remove and Dispose of Old Oil Tanks
  • Provide Cleaning and Pumping Services
  • Carry out Efficiency Checks
  • Provide Both pre-sale and post-sale advice

Carrying out these jobs without the necessary experience is definitely not recommended and can cost you much more in the end. Call the professionals and get the job done properly the first time!

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Arrange a Maintenance Schedule

If you rely on oil for your heating and cooking needs, it makes sense to arrange a regular maintenance schedule with your preferred oil tank specialist. They will be able to identify any minor damage or issues and rectify them before they start to cost you money and cause inconvenience. Finding a reliable oil tank specialist in your area shouldn’t be too difficult, searching online is usually a good way to start if you don’t have any recommendations from family or friends.