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Clearing a Site of Asbestos: What You Should Know


If you ever come into contact with asbestos, you know that you cannot leave this type of material in your building, especially if you plan to upgrade the site or improve your property. Asbestos is a deadly natural substance that was used in constructing buildings up to the 1980s. After that time, the hazardous material was banned from building projects. However, you still can find buildings today that contain asbestos.

Ensuring the Health of a Building’s Occupants

That is why you should know a company that offers asbestos surveys and removals in West Midlands if you want to make sure that your building is free and clear of asbestos. Go to a company that offers both services as doing so will keep you up to date on property improvements. You can also use the services of an asbestos surveyor to help you determine just how much asbestos lies dormant in your building.

To ensure the safety of employees or tenants, you need to do the following:

  • Have a survey conducted to find out the location for the asbestos.
  • Always check for asbestos if you plan to demolish or renovate an older building.
  • Review the site survey and plan for removal services if you find that your building contains a large amount of the material.
  • Contact building occupants about safeguards and requirements if a removal is scheduled.

Placing Priorities

As you can see, you cannot take this type of work lightly. Asbestos has been shown to trigger deadly diseases, including mesothelioma and asbestosis. Either of these diseases offers a grim prognosis when diagnosed. Therefore, any asbestos removal projects take precedence over other types of work if you plan a building restoration.