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Cleaning Your Kitchen Within 20 Minutes


The kitchen is often considered as the main hub or the most frequently used room in the house. Our daily routine goes around the kitchen from the morning tea to the dinner. You prepare food for yourself and your family and also eat them there. It acts like the heart of the house, it strengthens the bond and love between the family members.

Starting the day in the kitchen, you have a right to have a pleasant, clean and tidy surrounding, and cleaning the kitchen after every meal would definitely be a hard thing, but why go tough when you can completely turn the kitchen from a mess to squeaky clean in just 20 minutes. Here’s how you could do it.

Supplies/ Materials required for Cleaning the Kitchen:

  • Garbage Can or Trash containers
  • Detergent for the dishwasher
  • Container for extra stuff
  • Dish soap
  • Scrub brushes
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Vacuum cleaner, Broom or Mop

Methodology for Speed Cleaning your Kitchen:

  • Gather all your cleaning materials together: As trying to find the scrubbers or other cleansers in between probably increases the working time, so it cuts out the time as well as prevents any other diversion from work.

  • Using Hot water to fill up the sink: There are two possibilities here, one you have a single sink and second, you have a double sink. So, for the single sink, fill it up with hot and soapy water and use a dirty plate or a tray for the leftover and for a double sink, don’t fill the disposal side as it would be easy to manage the leftovers in the dishes.

  • Soaking the Dishes in Hot water: Tiddox have said that one could face great trouble cleaning some dishes in the dishwashers as the oil and sticky leftovers are not completely cleaned in there, so for such situation soak all of these dishes in hot water and keep them for some time.

  • Don’t stop, go on cleaning the cupboards, floors etc.: While the dishes and other utensils are kept for soaking and would require at least 5-7 minutes, move on to clean the cupboards, the slabs and other things in your kitchen. Collect all the trash available and put them in the trash can.

  • Remove all stuff that doesn’t belong in the kitchen: Lookout for all the items in your kitchen and start putting those in the container which have no place in the kitchen, collect all such stuff and put it away.

  • Keeping back stuff back to their appropriate spot: After you have removed the trash and all unwanted stuff now concentrate on the things in the kitchen that are misplaced and one by one start to put them in their right spot. Be cautious and do not start up with arranging the cupboards properly, just put all the items which are misplaced back to their original places.

  • Wash up the dishes or use the dishwasher: By now the dishes must have been soaked and the tough spots would have been removed, so if you are using a dishwasher load it up with the dishes and press the power on and if you do not have dishwasher then go by washing them with hands, scrap the leftovers and wash them up followed by finding and drying of the dishes, this method could take up more time.

  • Cleansing the slab, sink, and the other amenities: As you are now done with the trash, dishes, drawer, and cabinets now further move to clean the appliances and slabs, this part does not require a lot of hardship instead just clean up the visible portions by wiping them with sponges and Scrubs.

  • Get the floor neat and tidy: After all of the cleaning is done using either of the methods which suits you better that are to broom the floor or maybe wiping the floor or using the vacuum cleaner instead.

  • Take the trash to where it belongs: Completing the above mentioned points now it is only the garbage that needs to be taken care of, so take it out and dump it where it actually belongs, which would help out cleaning the trash as well you will have the trash can empty and ready to use the next day.

Some Tactics that help in speed cleaning:

  • Moreover, a number of people in the house give you a big advantage of having a greater number of helping hands to complete the task. Use the rule of Division of labor and assign work to each member of the family which will help up in cutting the time out and the cleansing work would be completed early.

  • One thing that would definitely help in the process of dishwashing is developing a habit in each family member of rinsing their own plates after eating.

  • To prevent the tough spot development on the dishes, one could fill up the sink with hot water alongside preparing the food so that the oil and other sticky stuff does not dry up and all the utensils and cutleries could be soaked in the water early.

  • The cleaning cloths you use for the cleansing work could be replaced by the microfiber cleaning cloth, as they are a lot better than the standard cloth, they help up in bringing out more of the dirt and impurities.