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Baby on a Budget-The Barest Essentials


Let’s face it, as a new or soon-to-be parents, there are so many baby items you may have been conditioned to think are a must-have. Although buying items that makes it easier and comfortable to care for the baby seems the most sensible thing to do, some of these flashy products end up as clutter in the baby nursery soon after purchase. Not every baby product out there is an absolute necessity. And yes! If you are on a budget, you can forego several items without feeling the pinch of sacrifice. Now, read on for some barest bubs essentials.

Baby carrier

Even if you have all the time in the world, it is not possible to have the baby in your hands every other time they are awake. A carrier offers a reliable way to keep the baby close while leaving your hands free to take care of other things. Besides, where the stroller proves cumbersome, a baby carrier can be used much more conveniently. Don’t forget! Besides the primary function, baby carriers are great for promoting baby-parent bonding.

Portable crib 

Your baby will certainly need somewhere to relax and sleep. Unlike a traditional crib, a portable model provides a convenient set for on the go use. You can carry it around even when visiting relatives and friends or in different rooms at home. That way, you can also do other things while also watching over them without straining.

Convertible car seat

A versatile baby car seat is another obvious essential you need to get once the baby’s arrival is looming. Convertibles, unlike age-specific car seats, adapt to changing needs. With one, you will not have to keep buying as the baby grows and needs a bigger seat.


While this may not be as important in the first few weeks, it soon becomes indispensable if you plan to take walks or go shopping with your baby. There are plenty of designs out there that you can double up as the car seat or even as a crib. But perhaps the real kicker in strollers lies in the thrill babies get when being driven around. 

Home safety items

Once you are expecting a new member of the family, there’s always the need to baby proof the house. Specifically, you need to invest in things like the automated gates that can help keep your baby out of harm’s way. Talk of baby gates, electrical outlet covers, baby monitor, and so on.


A pack of onesies shouldn’t miss in the set of storage drawers in your baby nursery. Unlike other types of baby clothes, they are handy in warm weather. Of course, you can also dress your baby in a onesie before adding more layers in cold weather. All the same, onesies are always a practical dressing solution.

Final thoughts

Whether you are expecting a newborn or have one already, you can get by without succumbing to the pressure of needless buying. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash on things that would soon become clutter. So, before you head out to shop for your baby, only consider what brings the most value.