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A Simple Guide To Different Types Of Home Restoration Services

Home Restoration

When hearing about the word restoration, the first thought that comes to mind is the restoration of old items, artworks, or house repairs. In addition to all these services, many other types of services fall under the umbrella of ‘restoration’. This guide complies with all information about different types of home restoration services that one can have access to by working with the PureOne Services Atlanta.

Fire Damage Restoration Services

Everyone is taught to deal with the things during the fire but what happens after the fire is never considered. Fires can cause damage to your house to a great extent but it’s not just heat that causes a problem. Smoke damage is also a major issue that the owner of the house has to deal with after a fire. It is when a home restoration company comes for help. Such a company evaluates the damage and restores the structure of the house. They clean up the building and make it a safe place to live in.

Water Damage Restoration Services

Severe water damage can be a major problem for homes and buildings. It can easily destroy the building making it unsafe to live in. In case a house is suffering from severe water damage it should consider calling a home water damage restoration company. The company will first dry out and sanitize the space and last will fix the damages on the floor, ceiling, or walls.

Mold Damage Restoration Services

Mold damage comes along with the water damage. It has been reported that mold can begin to grow as quickly as a day or two after the initial damage occurred from water. Mold can pose a serious health risk for the people living in the particular building. The restoration company can help deal with mold damage by removing the mold and sanitizing the house. First, the type of mold is determined and then the same is removed and the place is properly sanitized.

Contents Restoration Services

Contents restoration services as provided by the Pure One Services Atlanta involve restoring the items like furniture and art after a disaster. Depending on how extensive the damage is, content restoration services are much more cost-effective compared to replacing the damaged things. Different types of items that are included in the contents restoration are art, furniture, electronics, documents, and so on.

Data Recovery Services

Data recovery is vital for businesses after a disaster. Losing data can lead to losing clients and contracts which further might cause huge losses. Some restoration companies help their client recover their important data after a disaster. It is recommended to never throw away a damaged piece of electronic equipment that has important information stored in it, without calling a professional restoration company to see if the data can be restored.


In case the house is suffering from any of the above-mentioned problems then it is recommended to hire an experienced PureOne Services Atlanta. Such service providers are well versed in fixing the home damages and making the building a secure place to live in.