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A Guide to a Bathroom Renovation


If your bathroom is looking a little jaded, the spring is the ideal time to carry out a bathroom revamp, and the scope of the project will largely depend on your budget. Here are some ideas to give you a little inspiration on how best to renovate the bathroom.

Remove the Bath and Install a Shower

This is a great improvement, and if your bathroom is on the small side, this will free up some valuable floor space. With affordable walk in showers suppliers in Bristol, you can choose the right type and have the supplier install the unit and remove the bath, which could be used in the garden for potting plants or creating a compost tub.

Retile the Walls

Retiling the bathroom will certainly brighten up any bathroom, and with a wide range of colours and finishes, you can find something that contrasts well with the décor. Try using a different colour grout, which will add to the contrast, and if you are not so confident in your tiling abilities, there are bathroom renovation specialists who can design and create the ideal bathroom for an affordable price.

Additional Ideas

Here are a few more ideas on how to brighten up the bathroom:

  • Made to measure blinds
  • Replace the sink and toilet
  • Add some LED lighting
  • Replace the flooring with luxury vinyl

The list of improvements you can make is long, and with the help of a bathroom design specialist, you can create a bathroom where all the family want to spend time.