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7 Steps to a Successful Moving Experience


Even though finding a new home is an exciting experience, moving can feel overwhelming. Planning is the key to avoid stress when packing and moving your belongings.

With this in mind, we have a few simple steps that will help you experience a comfortable transition from your current place to your new home.

Take some time to plan

The best thing you can do is to take a month to organize the entire move. You will need time to get quotes for services, change your address on relevant documents, start packing, and then move all your belongings.

Choose the right people

Finding a reliable removalist will always be a benefit in terms of saving time and money. When choosing which company to hire, it is essential to carry out adequate research.

Although at first glance it may seem removalists only differ in price, the treatment they give to your goods can be very different.

Spending the time comparing removal companies, what they offer, the price they charge and their reputation means that you get the best service for the best price.

Get rid of clutter

Every time you move, you have an excellent opportunity to start over, even from scratch if necessary.

Take advantage of the situation and let go of things you did not know you had, stuff you do not use, and anything that is essentially a dust gatherer.

You will be grateful to have less clutter when packing and unpacking.

Put your things in order, before you start packing

Organize your old home as much as you can before you start packing. Remember that the removalists will help you move your stuff, so having everything in its intended place will help you avoid any mishaps.

You do not want to unpack and find documents in the kitchen boxes or medicine in the children’s bedroom box. Have everything in its place so that when you unpack, you will know what you will find in each box.

Pack up

Organize your place room by room. Make sure you have enough bubble wrap, newspaper, scissors, tape, labels, and markers. Find clean boxes that will support the weight of your things. Often removal companies provide boxes.

Use colours and tags to make the process more orderly. Clarify what objects go in which box, what room they will go in and how fragile they are.

Use tape to form a large ‘X’ on mirrors. If they break, it will help contain the pieces. Keep the contents of your dresser drawers as they are. If there are fragile things, put towels on top.

Pack the books in small boxes, so they are easy to pick up. When you start unpacking, you will be thankful to have taken all those precautions.

Have a briefcase ready for the first night

Take your valuables with you, such as jewellery, phones, tablets, laptops, money and cards. It is also necessary to bring toiletries and a first aid kit, and a change of clothes.

That way, you will be able to spend your first night as if you were camping. Be forewarned, if the next day you have a work meeting, an event or whatever, have those clothes on hand too.

 Open all the boxes and unpack as soon as possible

If you do not start unpacking as soon as you arrive, some boxes will likely become part of your home decoration. It is best to finish unpacking sooner rather than later.

Moving can be an enjoyable experience. These steps will hopefully help make the moving process a bit smoother so you can settle in quickly and enjoy your new home and neighbourhood.

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