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5 Unique Ways to Decorate Your House Windows during Halloween

Decorate Your House Windows during Halloween

As Halloween is just a month to go, you should start planning about your decorations. For every Halloween party, the decoration is one of the most important things every homeowner must do. Have you yet planned to decorate your home in the way you have thought of? Have you purchased all the items that you have wished to decorate within the upcoming Halloween? If not yet, here are some of the ways described in this blog by which you can decorate your windows.

1.Expand Your Window Space By Placing A Bench

If you have enough space in front of the window, you can expand it by placing a wooden bench. It will not just only look good but also make your Halloween theme exclusive. You can extend the decorations past the window ledge for this type of theme and then cover the bench placed just beneath your window.

It creates an additional space that is attractive to look at. You can use some old cloths or some paper to make a homemade scarecrow. You can crunch up paper for the body and put some tufts of hay to make out sleeves and pants. Then collect some fall leaves from your garden to decorate the window and put some squashes other than keeping pumpkins.

2.Decorating The Space Outside The Window

You do not have to make all the decorations inside the home; you can also expand your decorations to the window’s exterior to make space look bigger. You can pile up some pumpkins over each other to create an impression of the height. You have to drill a hole in the middle for stability. You can arrange and decorate the space with orange lights.

3.Use the window rail.

The window rail is one of the best places for decoration. If the window in your house has a wide rail, you can easily decorate them with candles and pumpkins. It is a simple yet innovative design. This decoration will hardly take few minutes to complete, and you can have a separate area that will be distinct in your Halloween decoration. You can also add ribbons for creating flair like impression.

4.Create a mesh web of lights

Web of lights looks great during Halloween. Spider web lights are unique, and they create a big impact on the entire decoration. You will only need a little effort to make this. These lights are ready to be hanged, and they can be taken out of the box with the strings. These lights are mainly available online; hardly will you find them at your nearby stores. You can add a white package of webbing behind them to get the spooky effect even during the daylight.

5.Use of pillar candles

You can use jack-o-lanterns along with pillar candles to get a classy Halloween look. You can also change the width and color of the candles. Depending upon the window ledge size, choose the candle that fits the width of the ledge. You can also use the stained glass Halloween patterns which look pretty.

Buying the stained glass of any figure is great for any decoration, mainly when it is a bat design. This item is perfect for Halloween decoration, and also you can gift your guests.