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5 Home Remedies To Loosen Blocked Drains


In case you are having a drain which is clogged, it can be quite disturbing. It is needed to be taken care of immediately. Sometimes, the problem underneath is that there is debris build up in the drain which has to be cleaned out. A lot of people opt for chemical treatments. These products, however, may make matters even worse. They just move the clog down further and deeper where it gets harder to reach.

Following are some of the natural remedies for the particular process.

Boiling water

This is one of the most effective and efficient DIY methods for clogged drains, doesn’t matter whether it is the shower or toilet. Boiling water almost always does the trick. However in case, the home is having PVC pipes, it is better not to use that method. Otherwise, it can be quite safe. Just boiling water from a kettle or a pot and directly poured into the drain while avoiding contact with the porcelain sink can help get rid of the clog. It helps in cleaning the sink in an easy and efficient manner so that you can easily fix blocked drains in Reading.

Clean the trap

There are many sink drains which get clogged right near the trap, in the U shaped pipe which exists beneath the kitchen or bathroom. The function of this pipe is to stop the sewer gases from coming up. Because of the trap shape, this process becomes quite difficult. This particular method needs the trap to be removed. The first step is to remove the water. Next is to use a straightened metal hanger to dislodge any kind of blockage inside the pipe. 

Using a plunger

It is mandatory for any home to keep a plunger, mostly because these tools are some of the most effective home remedies. Plungers are available in many sizes. You should choose the size depending on your requirement to fix blocked drains in Reading. 

Hand drain snake

Some homeowners have bought hand drain snakes. These tools usually work by making use of snake-shaped steel wire into a drain. The snake is then rotated and twisted when it strikes against the barrier to push out the debris. Performing this type of task involves a lot more work compared to any sink drain. 


It can be quite handy to have a bottle of soda in the house. There are some sodas which are quite corrosive and can be quite effective when poured in the drain. This particular method is always preferred over the chemical cleaners when you need to fix blocked drains. 

In case you are still thinking of calling a professional to fix blocked drains in reading, it is recommended that you try a hand yourself first. Maybe there will not be any further need.