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3 Reasons Why Secondary Glazing Is a Great Idea For a Period Or Listed Building.


There are a wide number of period properties and listed buildings in the United Kingdom and when you purchase such a building, it has a specialised status. This means that you just can’t buy it and then try to make changes to modernise its look. It is a protected building for a reason and the government does not allow you to make big changes that will transform the original look of the house. However, you can still make changes to your windows and glass, for example, by adding an extra pane of glass to better insulate your home.

Adding an extra pane of glass in your existing windows does not change the overall look of the listed building and you would hardly notice that the change has been made unless you get up really close and look for it. Secondary glazing in Barnsley offers a number of benefits to these older properties.

  1. The insulation properties are much improved and heat generated within the home will stay inside where it should be. Obviously, it helps keep the cold outside as well.
  2. That extra pane of glass also helps to keep sounds at a minimum, so if your property is located on a busy road or near a school, you don’t hear the noise and that allows you to relax.
  3. It also provides you with extra security as a would be burglar will try to gain access through the windows and the extra pane of glass makes it much more difficult to break in.

You can still keep the authentic look of your property, but enjoy the benefits of modern procedures like adding an extra pane of glass.