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What to Look for in a Small Builder


If you are thinking of adding an extension, there is much to consider, and finding the right builder can seem like a challenge, with so many construction companies, all professing to offer a second-to-none service. Here are a few things to look for when talking to local builders.

  • Testimonials – This is by far the best way to ensure you are dealing with a quality tradesman, and any local builder would be able to furnish you with a few addresses, where you can view their work. That way, you will soon locate the best building company in Hook, and they can send someone to discuss the project, which would likely result in a quotation.
  • Prompt Response – If a company responds promptly, this means the organisation is effective, and when you make an online enquiry, there should be a reply to your original request in a matter of hours.
  • Established in the Local Community – At least 5 years would indicate the builder is an established company, and they would have the resources to handle an extension from initial design to completion.
  • Member of Association & Federations – A quality builder will be a registered member of at least one building federation or association, and this is a sure sign that they work to a very high standard.
  • Design Focused – Ideally, you want a builder who is prepared to spend time with you looking at design aspects, of which there are many. You want the extension to look like it belongs, and by using composite materials, you can keep maintenance to a minimum.

If you have a good feeling about one specific builder, and after a little investigation, they are all of the above, you can safely move forward, knowing that your extension will be constructed to a high standard.