Home Cleaning What Are the Various Preparations Needed for Professional Cleaning of Carpet?

What Are the Various Preparations Needed for Professional Cleaning of Carpet?


Before the carpet cleaning professionals arrive at your premises, you need to keep your home ready so that they can start their activities without wasting much time.

Therefore, before the carpet steam cleaners arrive, you must do the following preparations beforehand.

  1. Parking

Professional cleaners will come with their van which is fitted with the cleaning system that will be connected to the water pipeline of your house.

Therefore, you must move all your vehicles before their arrival so that they can position their van without any difficulty.

  1. Pets

It is better to take your pets somewhere else or confine them in some room so that they may not run away when the professionals are in their job.

Checklist for pre-cleaning 

Follow these tips for effective and efficient cleaning of your carpet.

  • You must inform about any defects of your furniture in case you want the service providers to move all your furniture.
  • Traffic areas must be vacuum cleaned before their arrival.
  • Try to pin up skirts on the upholstered furniture which may touch your carpet.
  • All breakable items must be removed.
  • Try to remove all small furniture so that it should not disturb the cleaning process.
  • Those spots and stains that need special attention must be suitably marked so that they are clearly visible.
  • In case you want to reschedule the cleaning then inform in advance.

Aftercare information

  • The carpet cleaners will place a few plastic tabs under your different furniture after the cleaning, which must not be disturbed until 24 hours after they have left after cleaning.
  • Don’t allow your children and pets to crawl on the carpet till it becomes completely dry. It is necessary for their safety.
  • During the cleaning process, various cleaning oils are used for removing the stains which may reappear after a few days. In case you ever notice that then you must immediately inform the carpet cleaners.
  • You must understand that the odour of various cleaners used for carpet cleaning will remain present for a few days

Though every effort will be made by the cleaning professionals to remove the odour of various pets however sometimes there can be contamination left behind. You must call the cleaning company and they will send their experienced technicians to take the necessary action.